The UK online and mobile gambling market growing at impressive rate

Published on August 4, 2018 in Industry News

Industry News UK Gambling GrowthThe online casino industry has grown tremendously over the past few years thanks to the advancement of technology and legal changes.  

As a result there has been quite a few improvements which has led to even more growth especially in the UK.

From illegal gambling to legally taking part in gambling from anywhere at any time via your desktop, tablet or mobile device.  

More about the changes in the UK gambling market 

Technology is the centre point of the world today as it is basically a part of everything we do. It is also because of technology that we get to enjoy taking part in online and mobile gambling. Since the Gaming Act of 2005 was instated in the UK there has been an increase in the use of online casinos.  

During 2017 the UK Gambling Commission released their Gambling Participation and Perceptions Report for 2017. In the report there is a lot of detailed information on the increased usage of online and mobile gambling especially in the UK. The survey shows that 45% of citizens in the UK participated in some form of gambling throughout the year. According to the stats 18% of those players were enjoying their gambling entertainment via online gambling sites. This stat alone proves that online gambling is growing tremendously within the industry.  

There are many reasons online and mobile gambling has become quite popular over the past few years. More and more players are opting for online and mobile gambling because it allows them to play from the comfort of their home or chosen environment. It also comes with less pressure generally associated with gambling in a land based casino. And on top of that while you are gambling from within your comfort zone you still get to play at the same winning odds.  

Other changes in the online gambling industry 

The last few years has seen many changes being made to the online gambling industry. One of the biggest changes was the UK Gambling Commissions decision to implement stricter gambling regulations. The rules included that advertising of gambling companies at sports events for instance are prohibited. The main reason for this ruling was to help protect gamblers and keep companies from taking advantage of the audience.  

Another great change in the industry is the growing popularity of E-sports betting. More and more platforms are being made available to take part in sports betting which increased the size of the audience being exposed to it. At the current moment the most exciting sports to bet on online is tennis and horse races.  

Another reason the online gambling market is growing in popularity is due to the range of new currencies being used. In the past few years Cryptocurrency has become a new and big thing in the online casino industry with more casinos implementing it. With cryptocurrency players have access to more benefits such as safe and anonymous deposits and withdrawals as well as faster processing time of payments. With all the changes in the industry it goes without saying that cryptocurrency is definitely considered the future of online gambling.  

The growth is tremendous and increasing at a steady pace within the UK. The growth ensures that the market will get access to the most innovative games and competitive service especially thanks to the rapid advancement of technology.