The Top 5 most Haunting Gambling Songs

Published by Daniel on June 29, 2019 in Casino Tips

Haunting Gambling SongsGambling is not a new phenomenon, in fact, it has been a source of entertainment for many decades.  

So much so that many popular artists have written hit songs about the act of gambling or specific games.  

We’ve gone on a hunt and sniffed out the 5 most haunting songs written about gambling by top music artists.

The 5 most haunting gambling songs

The Gambler – by Kenny Rogers 

In this song, the country singer is giving the listener a first-person perspective about the conversation he had with an old poker player on a train. While it might sound like straightforward card playing tricks the card player is attempting to give life advice in the shape of poker metaphors before dying.  

The Stranger Song – by Leonard Cohen 

This is another song that mixes gambling metaphors with life lessons and again it chooses to focus on the popular game of poker. The song focuses on the card game dealers, who simply move from one player to the next. They come with empty promises but in reality, they can’t offer anything, they can only deal the cards. The song compares the dealers to guys who have hurt one specific girl and how she keeps hoping to find one that will bring her love like most players want one that brings them luck.  

House of the Rising Sun – by The Animals 

There are many theories about what this song is really about, some say it’s about a brothel and others say it’s about a women’s prison. That being said the song reminds of a casino which many refer to as the ‘House of the Rising Sun’. Players often believe their fortune will come from there and won’t leave until sunrise when their luck or cash has run out. It’s a truly haunting song that if applied to gambling, focuses specifically on players who chase wins even after they should’ve quite a while ago.  

Rambling, Gambling Willie – by Bob Dylan 

Not all gambling-related songs speak of doom and gloom, Ramblin, Gamblin Willie by Bob Dylan speaks of Willie, the greatest gambler the world has ever known. It’s a fun tune and tells the story of how Willie has gambled all over the world. This avid gambler was so well-known that wives would hide their husbands when they heard he was in town. He wasn’t just an avid gambler, but a winner too. 

Blackjack – by Ray Charles 

In Ray Charles’s Blackjack song he spreads the news about blackjack. He starts off by saying how much trouble blackjack has cause him but that it’s his own fault. The entire song is about how unlucky he has been in his continued gameplay of Blackjack. And even though he loses every single time he will go ahead and spend every quarter he gets on the game in the hopes of hitting that twenty-one.  

Online gambling is a lot of fun but it should be enjoyed responsibly and you should never chase your losses.