The top 10 Fastest Payout Casinos

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on November 4, 2013 IN Industry News

Online Casino GamblingWhen you're gambling online and having fun playing your favourite online casino games, it's easy to forget about the cash-out timeframe! That is, the amount of time it takes for your winnings to become available for withdrawal.

Nobody wants to wait for days (or even weeks) to receive the money you've won playing your favourite video slots or live casino games!

So it's best to play at one of the top fast payout online casinos, where it's typically standard to see a payout processed within 48 hours of your win!

The method of withdrawal can have a significant impact on how long it takes for you to get money in hand! Once the withdrawal is processed by the online casino, there may be an additional delay in processing while the funds are credited to your pre-paid credit card or debit card.

In some instances, it may take up to five business days for the bank to clear the funds into your account, whereas eWallet users tend to see much faster results - a matter of hours or minutes, even instantly in some cases.

We've compiled a list of the top fastest payout casinos, which will enable you have your payout processed in a matter of hours, so you'll have your cash in hand quickly, especially if you're using an instantaneous withdrawal option, such as an eWallet. 


Guts Casino - 2 Hrs Payouts

At Guts Casino, their slogan is 'Why Wait?' With a tagline like that, it's no wonder the Guts Casino is on top when it comes to the fastest payout casinos on the web! Request a withdrawal and your winnings will be available in just two hours, even on weekends! A mere 120 minutes and you'll have money in your e-wallet or en-route to your credit card or debit card. (Remember, your card company will have a processing timeframe on their end.)


BETAT Casino - 4 Hrs Payouts

When you play at the BETAT Casino, you'll enjoy a wide range of MicroGaming games and a speedy withdrawal process! In fact, BETAT Casino is the only MicroGaming casino that offers four hour withdrawals. Weekend payouts are available too.


MyBet Casino - 4 Hrs Payouts

MyBet Casino offers weekday and weekend withdrawals in approximately four hours. This makes MyBet one of the fastest payout online casino with a wide range of top class games, sports betting and poker.


Ladbrokes Casino - 6 Hrs Payouts

Ladbrokes Casino is among the internet's largest online gambling sites. They offer rapid six-hour payouts in addition to weekend withdrawals.


RedBet Casino - 8 Hrs Payouts

RedBet Casino has a wide range of online casino games and a speedy eight-hour withdrawal timeframe. They also offer weekend payouts, so you can play, win and actually spend those winnings for a fabulous weekend!


Betsafe Casino - 12 Hrs Payouts

As the name implies, Betsafe Casino is known as one of the web's most secure online casinos, but it also has some of the fastest casino payouts too! Betsafe offers a twelve-hour withdrawal timeframe, and this includes weekend cashouts.


Casino Euro - 12 Hrs Payouts

Casino Euro, like Betsafe, offers twelve-hour withdrawals and weekend payouts, so it's easy to play, win and spend! Plus, Casino Euro has a vast variety of games to choose from, including slots, live casino table games and beyond. 


Smart Live Casino - 12 Hrs Payouts

Smart Live Casino provides twelve-hour payouts on winnings, including on the weekend. You're also sure to love the wide variety of games!


Bet365 Casino - 12 Hrs Payouts

Bet365 Casino is among the world's best-known and most reputable online casinos. But it's also among the world's fastest payout casinos. Bet365 processes winning withdrawals every twelve hours, seven days a week. 


Betfred Casino - 24 Hrs Payouts

Betfred Casino is the top online casino among UK-based players thanks to the wide array of games, combined with the prompt withdrawals offered seven days a week. Withdrawals are issued within 24 hours of making a request.