Published by CasinoTopsOnline on November 18, 2014 in Industry News

Slots PlayIt is amazing how the image of online slots, and in particular video slots, has changed over the past few years. From boring slow gameplay to mega-payouts loaded with eye popping art and awesome soundtracks this is not your grandmother’s one-arm-bandit anymore.

Most people’s introduction to gambling is through one card game or another. Who would have though during those innocent days of play ‘21’ as a child that one day you would experience the rush of waiting in anticipation for a face card to join the Ace you already have in front of you so you can lay claim to having been dealt ‘Black Jack’.

Even today there are European land based casinos where ‘real gamblers’ are those who play table games. The table game casino area is filled with cocktail sipping suits speaking in hushed tones, while the slots section is rowdier, filled with the ambient sounds of spinning reels and jackpot wins. The patrons here are wearing jeans and other casual clothing items not deemed dignified enough for the table games area.

This feeling of upper classicism is a dying notion amongst gamblers around the world, and is non-existent in the online gambling community where slots – be they single line, three reel or 245 payline super video slots – are the toast of the town.

If you look at the recent advancements in slots entertainment the leap forward has been staggering. Gone are the days of the classic drum slot where you pull on the ‘one-arm-bandit’ and wait for a Cherry, Bar or a Triple 7 to drop a few coins into the payout slot. Online gambling has taken video slots to a world that Charles Fey never dreamed of back in 1887 when he built the first true slot machine, Liberty Bell.

Today you can see your favourite super heroes defeating evil and helping you rack up massive wins at the same time. As a movie buff you get to play games based on blockbusters such as The Dark Knight where the correct stack of symbols will see a cinematic sequence from the film played out as part of your gaming experience. Even current pop culture is celebrated in newer video slots, just take a look at South Park Reel Chaos where the tongue-in-cheek potty humour of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and the ever abrasive Eric Cartman is not just tolerated but celebrated. 

What all of these games have in common is a strong footing in both the culture of the day and an immersive and rewarding slots experience. The chance to play with current iconic characters and experience the multi-faceted mini-games, bonus features and mega jackpots of modern slots gaming is a win-win in anyone’s books.

Probably one of those events which will go down in history as a world changer has been the advancement in mobile technology. The development of high end graphic intensive video slots with gigantic jackpot payouts means this new world of entertainment is now yours to take with you wherever and whenever you want. 

The world of online and mobile gambling has never been in a better place.