The presence of robots in online casinos

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on September 23, 2016 in Industry News

Bots in online casinosIn the world of online poker bots are constantly being created. Bots use complex algorithms to search for things such as financial markets with arbitrage opportunities. They also have the ability to abuse mistakes made by bookmakers and online gamblers. These bots connect directly with betting exchanges where they can place bets faster and in higher volume than humans can without taking a break.

Bots and poker

The University of Alberta’s Computer Science Department unveiled the latest program, Cepheus that can develop poker playing artificial intelligence. 

This program makes use of an algorithm called CFT which has created game theoretical strategies for heads-up limit Hold‘em. The creators stated that “it can’t be beaten with statistical significance within a lifetime of human poker playing”.

"The program is self-taught and has perfected its strategy through trillions of games against itself."

The most sophisticated No-Limit Hold’em bot, Claudico, developed by Carnegie Mellon University, was defeated by a group of top online pros in April 2015. The group was led by Doug “WCGRider” Polk and Claudico finished last proving that even the most sophisticated bots can still be beaten.

Bots that play No-Limit Hold’em exist and chances are that you’ve played against them before. To test the facts, type “pokerbot” into Google and countless sites will pop up offering these bots commercially. Using one of these bots counts as cheating so be advised that if you test out one of these bots to cash in, chances are you will get caught which can ultimately lead to a permanent ban from your favourite site.

Non-human behaviour

The best online poker sites dedicate a lot of time and resources to track down these bots by using algorithms that show “non-human” behaviour which includes players who play too perfectly and take no breaks.

One online poker player recently posted on a popular forum and confessed to being a “botter”. He claims to have fooled the poker network by instructing his self-coded bot to act humanly while playing. This behaviour includes taking breaks after 6 hours, miss-clicking every now and then, and to occasionally leave comments in the chat box. 

There is a chance that bots can kill online poker industry which is why trusted online casinos will invest a lot of time and resources in creating and improving technology that will counter these bots. One thing is certain and that is that operators have to keep their eyes open at all times to ensure fairness and a safe and fun gaming experience for their players.