The people behind the smooth running of the casino floor

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on August 4, 2016 in Casino Tips

Live dealerWalking into a casino is like living a movie scene – as you walk into the casino and make your way towards your game of choice you will be greeted by a host, the dealer will be all smiles and the security will silently stand in their given spots and throw a watchful eye over what is going on. 

One of the best things is that drinks are normally free and chips will be available at all tables.

Everything seems smooth and perfect but behind the scenes there is a lot of work and effort put in to maintain that level of perfection.

The Dealers: These are the most seen faces on the casino floor and believe it or not there is a lot of skill involved in dealing many games. Mistakes are always noticeable so being a dealer means maintaining a high level of focus throughout the shift. First off, they require the mechanical skills involving cards and dice and then they are also at the front line against cheating or thefts at the table. So not only are they required to maintain focus providing cards or rolling dice, but they have to keep an eye out for potential cheaters. 

Dealers have to make sure that players follow the rules and alert supervisors and security whenever they notice any strange behaviour from players. The dealers are not only responsible for that, but they also have to make sure that players have a pleasant gaming experience. They are the front line in customer service and have to interact with players in a friendly and helpful manner at all times. Dealers are switched and rotated on a regular basis which helps them maintain focus and it is also done for security purposes to ensure fair gaming is experienced at all times.

The Casino Floor Supervisors: These important figures have a multi-faceted role within the casino as they are responsible for everything running smoothly. Casino floor supervisors are responsible for the management of the number and type of games available and they have to ensure that all issues arising at tables are dealt with quickly and fairly. 

The dealers will refer any disputes involving game rules and betting to the floor supervisor and any signs of cheating or conspiracy identified will also be reported which will then be directed to the security. They are the managers that ensure the different roles in the casino setup are working at the point where they meet players. Being a casino floor supervisor is a front-line job and the scope of this role can be even wider in small casinos that don’t have extensive back-end teams.

The Pit Boss: One step above the floor supervisor in terms of seniority, the pit boss is responsible for watching over a number of tables. The pit boss has to keep an eye, not only on the players, but also on the dealers and they are also responsible for a lot of the monitoring paperwork. The pit boss has to make rulings on any disputes which can arise through player or dealer errors and in some extreme cases the overall casino manager may be called in. The final say in disputes generally lies with the pit boss. If the casino is very big then an additional level pit manager may be needed.

The Casino Hosts: This role is important, especially to regular players and high rollers, as their job is to make sure the customers are happy. They are also required to resolve all customer service type complaints and issue comps and benefits as they see fit. In other words, if you plan on becoming a regular at a certain land-based casino then the casino host should be your new best friend. 

They are very approachable as part of their job is to introduce new players to the casino and explain the way things work when needed. Being a casino host requires a friendly, outgoing personality as you’ll be dealing with a wide variety of people and your customer service skills need to be quite strong.

The Waiting Staff or Chip Runners: There to supply customers with drinks and top up their chips or change whenever necessary, wait staff and chip runners are very important. These people are often overlooked but this is generally a fast-paced and very challenging role which is why it’s always nice to show your appreciation for their hard work by leaving a tip before you go.

The Security staff: Generally in the shadows, security staff tend to work behind the scenes while watching over the floor. Their main job is to ensure than there is no cheating or theft from staff or players at the casino. This is a key role to ensure a smooth running casino floor. Thanks to the help of modern technology, they can make sure that anybody in violation can be identified and removed as quickly as possible.