Published by CasinoTopsOnline on December 9, 2014 in Industry News

Mobile Casino GamingOnline casino gambling is an ever-growing business that flourishes and transforms each day. Naturally, right alongside it, mobile casino gambling is making its own changes and growing just as rapidly. 

Technology plays an important role in our lives each day as we live, bank and share on the run, all with the help of our phones or tablets. Of course we also want the ability to gamble whenever we please. It’s a natural progression for mobile casino games to be common place in a time where we rely so completely on our technology to keep us functioning and up to date.

With the invention of devices such as the iPad and other touch tablets and phones, mobile gambling is not only possible, it’s enjoyable. And soon mobile device users will overtake desktop computers users which means that more and more entertainment services will begin to migrate their business to accommodate mobile device users.

The Next Big Thing

The rapidly-growing spike in mobile device use has everyone hoping to develop or create the next big thing, the idea that will take mobile by storm. Unfortunately for those still waiting to discover this elusive money maker, the next big things seems have slipped under the radar and is already among us.

According to Juniper Research earlier in 2014, gambling is definitely the mobile prodigy we’ve all been waiting for but it still needs to establish itself within the mobile market. 

It seems that 2013 was just the beginning of the ‘mobile boom’ according to figures released by Juniper Research. Mobile devices and their software are constantly being updated which means more mobile gambling companies are needing to join the rise of this technological tidal wave.

It’s estimated that by 2018 more than 164 million devices will be used for mobile gambling around the world. Juniper Research also estimates that this massive surge in mobile use will beginning in North America. While the mobile gambling market has been struggling to grow in the US, this is only due to rather strict regulatory issues which will hopefully cease in the next few years.

A Bright Future

The future of mobile casino gambling seems to be one of immense growth and possibility and it’s definitely an exciting time for casinos on the whole. But we’re not the only ones who think as much.

In an interview released by BloombergTV with Per Eriksson, Chief Executive Officer of Net Entertainment, discusses his thoughts on the growth of mobile gambling.

“Mobile gambling is increasing, because now you can play casino games wherever you are,” he told his interviewer. “Apple and all the other mobile devices are very important for our industry. It’s incremental revenues coming in for us.” 

Eriksson has revealed that NetEnt’s mobile branch currently only accounts for 13% of the business, however the Net Entertainment CEO is very optimistic about the future of mobile casino gambling and expects that number to grow to as much as 60% in the near future.