The man who beat Atlantic City’s biggest Casinos in Blackjack


Published by Daniel on August 10, 2019 in Industry News

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There are various reasons to play casino games the most prominent being the hopes to win big.  

Playing the popular card game Blackjack requires skill and strategy with a little bit of luck on the side.  

For one man his skill, strategy and knowledge were enough to bring down the revenue of the biggest casinos in Atlantic City.

The multi-million dollar blackjack player 

Don Johnson is a name that you’ll hear in many of the biggest casinos in Atlantic Casino including the Tropicana, Borgata and Caesars Palace. The casino staff might even cringe when hearing the name of this extraordinary Blackjack player. As he managed to decimate their monthly revenues in a single night playing Blackjack many years ago.  

Don Johnson is an avid Blackjack player and in April 2011 he was playing Blackjack at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He was on a 12 hour streak playing a hand of blackjack nearly every minute. The table was surrounded by spectators when he started with a win of $800,000 and later moved to a $1.2 million win in a three-hand sequence. From there he wagered a massive $800,000 where he struck a massive $6 million win. This win made headlines and got many wondering about how Johnson managed to clean out the casino's revenue in one evening.  

This wasn’t the first big win for Johnson, in fact, it was merely the latest in a series of big wins he obtained from Atlantic City’s casinos. In the last four months before the latest big win he managed to take $5 million from Borgata Casino and another $4 million from Caesars. The latter decided to cut him off and immediately ban him from their casinos worldwide.  

The question for many was how did Johnson manage to win $15 million playing Blackjack at three different casinos? Nobody is that lucky. The first thought that came to mind was that Johnson was counting cards. After watching Johnson very carefully the verdict was clear and proved that Don Johnson was no card counter. His wins were fair and square.  

The truth behind Don Johnsons wins 

Don Johnson is no card counter but his wins had nothing to do with luck either. This man was a blackjack player with extraordinary skills. According to the Tropicana’s CEO, Tony Rodio, Johnson possesses the skill to play perfect cards. He knows the right decision to make for every blackjack hand.  

The other big factor that played a role in Johnson’s winning spree is his extensive knowledge of the gaming industry. While he is great at playing cards he is even better at playing the casinos. At the age of 30, Johnson was brought to Philadelphia where he was hired to manage Philadelphia Park, the track that evolved into the Parx Casino. Johnson was in charge of regular daily operations which include betting operations.  

It is here where he started learning about gambling and it is with this knowledge that Johnson managed to wipe the floor with three of the biggest casinos in Atlantic City.

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