The Legend of a racehorse called Potatoes

Published by Daniel on August 1, 2019 IN Industry News

Potatoes SportsbettingGambling is one of the biggest sources of entertainment both online and offline worldwide.  

The act of gambling started years ago and betting on horse races was one of the first sports betting activities.

As legend has it there was a racehorse back in the 18th century known to as the best racehorse of his time.  

The legend of Pot-8-os 

Pot-8-os or Potoooooooo was known as the greatest racehorse of the 18th century. To this day he is a respected legacy and an influential sire responsible for passing on the legacy of his sire Eclipse.  

Pot-8-os was famous for his endurance and in his time as a racehorse he claimed 34 victories over seven years. Many of his victories were across long distances that stretched as far as four miles. Pot-8-os is remembered not just for his many victories but for his funny name Potatoes.  

According to legends Potatoes was bed by the fourth Earl of Abingdon, Willoughby Bertie, out of Sports mistress by the legendary Eclipse and born in 1773. The stable boy apparently misunderstood the horse’s name and broke down the word potatoes into pot plus eight o’s. Thus the horse’s feeding bin carried the name Potoooooooo which provided the Earl of Abingdon with much amusement. Thus the horse kept his name Potoooooooo but after a few starts, it was shortened to Pot8os.  

Not only was Pot-8-os a great racehorse that brought his owner many victories, but he was also the reason for much laughter and amusement. His name to this day sparks laughter in those who hear the story of how a silly stable boy got confused and a funny legend was born.  

Horse racing 

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