Mega Fortune slot explainedIf you’ve spent any amount of time reading about big winners at your favourite online casinos, then you’ve probably spotted the popular Mega Fortune slot making an appearance. That’s because this slot is known for paying out whopping wins at the click of a button!

Available to play at Casumo Casino, Guts Casino, and Thrills Casino, there’s no need to miss out on any of the action that this NetEnt slot has to offer.

Take a look at what the Mega Fortune slot is all about and be informed and confident the next time you decide to spin the reels of a new slot.

We hope that you’ll choose Mega Fortune slot and that your name will soon be in lights as the next big casino winner!


Desktop vs mobile

As with almost every NetEnt slot creation, you can play Mega Fortune on the go via your mobile device. Spin on your phone or via your tablet, but take note of these differences between playing on your mobile vs playing the desktop version of Mega Fortune. Visually, one of the slight differences is how you spin the reels of Mega Fortune. When playing on your desktop, the game panel will run across the bottom of the screen. If you’re playing on your mobile, the spin button will float around on the screen.

Coin values and bet levels

When playing any casino slot, you need to start off by setting your preferred coin value and bet level. When you’re playing on your mobile, simply click the burger icon and use the special slider to set the values you want. If you’re playing via your desktop, all you have to do is use the arrows.

Mega Fortune has 25 paylines and you can choose to have a coin value of as much as €0.50 per line. In order to increase your chance of landing bigger wins, you can increase the bet value. Set your maximum coin value, then up your bet level, and you’ll stand a chance of winning more than before!

Always keep an eye on your coin value and bet level which will show at the bottom of the screen. If you want to make the most of your spins, simply click the Max Bet button and your bet will be boosted to bet level 4.

How to spin

Once you’ve placed your bet and you’re ready to play, it’s time to spin! If you’re playing via your desktop, simply click the spin button that appears in the middle of the game panel. When playing from your mobile, tap the spin icon and you’ll be ready to go.

Not in the mood to click or tap through your spins? You can simply make use of the Auto Play feature, sit back, and watch as the wins roll in. If you’re playing via your desktop, click the Auto Play button and choose how many times you’d like the game to play for you. You can also choose when you’d like for the Auto Play function to stop via the Advanced Settings.

Playing via your mobile? Tap the plus sign under the spin icon and choose the Auto Play option. It’s that simple!

Special symbols and bonus games

An important feature of any really good online slot is the extra symbols and features that can help you take one step closer to an extra special win. Mega Fortune doesn’t disappoint and has Scatter symbols that can pay out cash prizes, as well as clickable Scatter symbols that can reward you with multipliers and Free Spins!

If you activate the Free Spins mode, you’ll have a certain number of rounds available which will appear on the screen. Keep track of these rounds and see how much you can win before you start paying for your spins again.

The biggest feature of the Mega Fortune slot is the bonus game which consists of a three wheels that will spin independently and give you the opportunity to land any of the three available jackpots! Each wheel represents a jackpot and you could be taking home a small, medium, or large win that can make you a millionaire.

Are you ready to start playing the Mega Fortune slot for yourself? Visit Casumo Casino, Guts Casino, or Thrills Casino now and you’ll be a big winner in no time at all!