The humble evolution of the slot machine

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on October 4, 2016 IN Industry News

The evolution of the slot machineOver the years the slot machine has gone from the simple classic machine featuring bell and fruit symbols with a single winning payline to award-winning 5 reels and over 20 payline video slots. It’s amazing to think that this all started with the very first slot machine called the Liberty Bell. This slot machine was released over 120 years ago in California and was designed and manufactured by the engineer Charles Fey. The Liberty Bell slot featured the three reels and landing three bells struck the jackpot.

“Over the years, the bell continued to appear on many fruit machines while more significant developments were made to their design and operation.”

One of these improvements included holding a particular reel or reels and being able to nudge them on to create a winning combination.

Online slots

When online gaming came to life, the design and mechanics of the classic slot machine was recreated to simulate the same feeling players experienced in land-based casinos. These online games were quick and easy to play and didn’t require of players to travel far distances for a game of chance and a possible jackpot win.

It was not long after that, that online casinos and other gaming sites realised they had to develop and evolve games to make them more fun to play as well as create a more personalised and unique experience to make their mark. On the plus side, the growth of digital and online technology opened up a range of new possibilities in the field and gave game developers the chance to grow and evolve.

The latest video slots are designed to resemble video games and movies rather than follow the simple “one-arm” bandits of land-based casinos. Software developers have large teams working on a single slot in order to create a unique theme and storyline which will then be brought to life by the technical details. The framework of the latest online video slots also follows that of video games making players work to reach higher levels to reap bigger rewards.

One of the greatest things about online slots is that they can be introduced to tie in with real life events such as this year’s Euro football championships and the Rio Olympics. These events alone inspired a range of soccer and athletics themed games. 

The competitive nature of the industry keeps game providers on their toes and pushes them to create more innovative slots that will keep players entertained for longer. Most video slots offer incredible bonus features and video clips for greater involvement. This has proven to be quite successful as it was recently predicted that half of the UK population will take part in online gambling by 2019.

With the rise of virtual reality, one can only assume that the innovative gaming providers will soon jump on board and bring out a range of virtual reality video slots. With technology growing at such a fast pace, anything is possible.