The future of online casino games and eSports

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on March 31, 2017 in Industry News

Casino games and eSportsIf you’re a regular user of the internet, you may have heard the term eSports in passing. Perhaps you thought of sports betting or fantasy football leagues.

The truth about eSports is that this growing sector of the online gambling industry is taking the world by storm.

Essentially eSports are video games with a gambling aspect that draws hundreds of thousands of viewers to watch as popular teams take each other on.

The eSport industry has grown from a small offering of teams competing for humble prizes to hundreds of elite players competing for huge sums of cash. Millions of dollars are being pumped into eSports every month and it’s quickly becoming as popular as online casino gambling.

Casino games vs eSports

The current leaders in almost every sector of the online world are millennials. They are the ones who influence the ebb and flow of different industries around the world, including both online casinos and eSports.

While online casinos are changing the way they offer casino games with the help of virtual reality and live casinos, eSports are also making their way into land-based casinos. 

You may be wondering what makes eSports so exciting. What makes watching a group of gamers with headsets and computers so intriguing that millennials are willing to bet money on who wins? The answer is simple, from a very young age, millennials are used to seeing, interacting, and learning through gaming.

From the moment millennials step into their classrooms as young children, they’ve been guided and taught via computer games. Now that millennials are all grown up and running the market place, they still want to be immersed in a world of gaming.

The future of online gambling

While casinos, and more specifically online casinos, will always have a place in the world, the way people gamble online will begin to change. 

Online casino slots will evolve and grow into something more akin to computer games than the one-armed bandits still seen on casino floors. The change has already begun. Thanks to online gambling forms such as eSports, the face of casinos will soon change entirely. 

Thankfully there’s space for all sorts of casino games, gambling preferences, and needs. It remains to be seen which will soon take over as leader of the online gambling space, but there are many who believe eSports may just come out tops.

Will eSports soon become a constant presence in top online casinos or will the two always be separate? Only time will tell.