The future of cross-platform casino games

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on September 22, 2016 IN Industry News

Casino cross-platform gamingAs technology has improved over the years so has computers, software, and development platforms. Adobe Flash used to be the most popular development platform for playing games via a browser. Back in those days there wasn’t really a lot of options to choose from, Flash Player was an easy option because there was a version available for computers with different operating systems. However, over the years Flash seemed to take a backseat with the arrival of smartphones and Apple products which don’t support Flash.

“The latest platform of choice for many services, including casino games, is HTML5.”

While many developers prefer building their games as apps for monetisation and other reasons, most mobile casino games run via a browser. Complex games such as MMOs and MOBAs tend to work better as apps while puzzles and casual titles run perfectly on HTML5. Casino apps are mostly available for mobile users which makes them inaccessible for web users. 

Developers are building their mobile slots to run via HTML5 to make them accessible to everyone. This is because the Google App Store does not allow gambling apps and while Apple allows the listing of real-money games, the bigger market share lies in Google App Store. Avid players need to use browser based mobile casinos to play their favourite slots and other games. These complications have led to a fantastic and completely functional cross-platform mobile gaming portal. With HTML5 you can play on any smartphone or tablet whether it is on iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Windows 10 or even your desktop!

HTML5 is platform-independent, easy to learn, and even easier to use. Unfortunately, as with all great things it, comes with a few shortages. It relies on a variety of JavaScript libraries to function properly and most website owners tend to stay away from third-party pieces of code as it puts them at risk of being exposed to malware. This only makes you wonder how long we’ll be able to enjoy the pleasure of HTML5 coded mobile casino slots. Chances are that just like Adobe Flash it might take the backseat to apps in the near future.