The challenge of drawing millennials to online casinos

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on August 15, 2016 IN Industry News

Millennials at online casinosIn the past it was easy to attract players to online casinos through classic games such as card tables and Roulette. The new generation, under the age of 40, is a whole other ball game.

"Las Vegas has been inspired to turn to digital gaming with the hopes of attracting millennials."

One of the first game developers to take charge in capitalising on this new emerging tech market is the Australian entrepreneur Daniel Visser. The idea came from the success of a game released by the Melbourne-based games company Wicked Witch and Visser is the managing director. The mobile casino game is called Catapult King and after its release a few year ago it has been downloaded over 30 million times.

Visser and his team got the idea to build a gambling version of the game for casinos in Las Vegas. The objective of the game is to pull back the virtual catapult far enough to knock down the castle. If you manage to aim correctly, coins will come tumbling out which will then result in real-world winnings.

Mr Visser said that the company has spent a lot of time going through different versions and mechanics as well as how it sits at the top of the maths model. He stated that they think they’ve found a good balance that will reward players.

Rigged games and millennials

Gamer and tech journalist at Gizmodo, Rae Johnston seems to be quite sceptical about it all. Ms Johnston has said that in order for the game to be successful it has to provide the player with a reasonable kind of challenge that allows a player to get better and beat the house. One of the biggest reasons an online casino game might fail to attract millennials is when it seems rigged. According to Johnston, the minute a game seems rigged, young players will lose interest on the spot.

Mr Visser is confident that casinos can win millennials over and has said the casinos of the future will look very different from what they do today. He added that they saw an opportunity and a market and they are all in to make this game a success.