Published by CasinoTopsOnline on November 19, 2015 in Industry News

Mobile and Tablet Gambling SummitThe ability to run one’s life from the palm of your hand thanks to innovations in mobile and tablet technology, is something that affects just about every part of business. From how to market your product to making sure that websites are mobile friendly, customers need the flexibility of being able to move between devices easily.

At the recent Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit, held on the 12th and 13th of November 2015, there were many different factors discussed regarding business and mobile devices.

William Hill’s Head of Product Development, Amitabh Ghatak, delivered a presentation to the nearly 100 attendees on the topic of innovation and mobile products. Ghatak spoke at length about many of the challenges that mobile casinos often face and how to overcome these issues.

Having recently launched several mobile products such as William Hill Darts and Get In The Race, an app that uses Google Cardboard to incorporate virtual reality that will transport users to a virtual racetrack, these are some of the issues William Hill has encountered.

The restriction of mobile phone batteries and limited data are factors that Ghatak warned developers of considering as battery and data draining apps can push customers away.

David Chang of Betcade also offered wise words when considering how to develop apps that will draw customers in and not force them to look elsewhere. Mainly, Chang advised that mobile apps should become simpler in style, function, and what is expected of the user.

Chang advised that “the gaming industry should start slimming down these apps into specific use cases.” The success of this can be seen in the separation of Facebook and its Messenger app. The single, specific use of each app has been a huge plus.

One of the main points all of the panellists agreed on was the fact that mobile applications should be personalised. In the case of mobile casinos, this can go a long way to making the gambling experience one that users not only enjoy, but use more often.

Leigh Nissim of IGT pointed out that “it’s harder than ever for operators to get in front of the consumer in the right time.” Again, this shows how important it can be to ensure that your customer has a personalised user experience, instead of a generic one, which could easily push them away.