The battle of Android vs iPhone in the gambling space

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on July 12, 2016 IN Industry News

Android vs iPhone mobile casinosThe battle continues between the two outright leaders in mobile gaming for tablets and smartphones. Consumers are constantly making decisions between iPhone and Android regarding which is the best for gaming and mobile casinos

Apple has the iconic brand name and was the original but Google’s Android-powered system inside of HTC, Samsung, Sony and many others offers flexibility. Both operators have a massive fan base and no shortage in users on both iPhone casinos and Android casinos.

“Both platforms have a huge selection of apps and games and only a few of them are exclusive to a specific platform.”

Android has the Google Play Store and Apple has the App store and both dedicate a large section of their market solely to games. Android has the advantage of offering many games with no cost although you may have to deal with in-app ads.

Popular Games

When it comes to game downloads, it can often be sorted by gender. Women tend to download jewel dropping, colour sorting and ball popping games while men are more likely to opt for shooting and zombie RPGs. Both Apple and Android have an excellent selection of games for both demographics.

When it comes to mobile casino games or gambling apps in general there is a split. Google’s Play Store does not allow real money online casinos and poker rooms or any other real money gambling apps to be listed in their market. Apple however does and by doing so it has become the gambler’s preferred choice. To be fair it is only a minor inconvenience for Android users who prefer a real money casino app but online casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms tend to offer an indirect and safe download from their online website. This creates an app exactly the same way on your Android, it’s just not as easy as a direct download from the Google Play Store.

Mobile Casino Apps

The most famous online games are blackjack and poker but recently online slots have gained a lot of popularity. Android is in the lead when it comes to fast movement and development of software while iPhone struggles to keep up especially as it grows older. Even with an older version of Android you’d have more accessibility to successful running games where iPhones tend to be outdated with age. Both play engines as well as their software, processors and graphics are a close match.

In the end, Google’s latest Android system is preferred as it supports retro gaming which is a big plus for many mobile gamers. It also has better promotions and more free games than Apple. When it comes to graphics, iOS is definitely in the lead but it was still a close call. Apple devices score higher regarding their attitude towards the online gambling market. In truth it all comes down to preference and which of the two you like best. Both have fantastic features on offer, so we’ll call it a tie.