Published by CasinoTopsOnline on February 15, 2016 in Industry News

American Gambling Association voter guideAs the presidential elections quickly approach, citizens, companies and causes are working to make their needs heard. The American Gambling Association is working extra hard to make sure that the citizens of the USA are also informed.

For the first time ever, the American Gambling Association has released a voter guide. The purpose of the voter guide is to inform the 1 million employees who currently work in the gaming industry on where the presidential candidates stand on gambling. Included in the voter guide is important information on when, where and how to vote. Registration information is also included, which is vital for all US citizens to know.

Knowledge is key

The gambling industry is a growing and thriving one that supports thousands of jobs and generates billions of dollars every year. Due to much of this information being unknown, the AGA formed the Gaming Votes initiative in order to inform the politicians running for the elections. 

The hope is that the initiative will inform candidates, and therefore whoever serves as President of the United States next, on the value of the gambling industry. With more than 500,000 jobs and a generated income of over $75 billion, the gambling industry is surely one that candidates would want to support.

Generating income

There are many states in the USA that are struggling and debt-ridden. The AGA has committed to educating candidates, employees, casino operators, and players of the importance of supporting the gambling industry in the hopes of changing this. The AGA also wishes to make those who have sway in the future of the gambling industry realise that it can be run smoothly and without harm to those who make use of it.

Candidates and their stance on gambling

The regulation of online gambling in the United States is a matter of individual policy and each candidate has their own stance. While some candidates such as Donald Trump and Doug Christie are pro online gambling, there are others who strongly feel that online gambling should be opposed.

Education has gone a long way in changing how candidates perceive online gambling as can be seen by the change in Hillary Clinton’s stance on the matter. While originally very much opposed to gambling and casinos, Clinton changed her tune after running for Senator in New York in 2000. Clinton stated that she would leave the future of the gambling industry in the hands of the people. 

The most important function of the voter guide is to make sure that the people of the United States are completely informed and educated in order to choose their next president wisely.