10 Top Tips for Gambling Responsibly

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on May 19, 2016 in Casino Tips

10 top tips for gambling responsiblyWhile we all would like to believe that casinos have our best interests at heart and can’t wait for us to become millionaires thanks to their establishments, the truth is, casinos are businesses. All businesses have strategies to ensure that they continue to make money, and a casino is no different.

Here are our top 10 tips for beating the system and staying ahead of your favourite casino’s tactics.

1. Be prepared to lose

This first tip may sound a little harsh (and naturally we all want to be winners), but if you make a decision about how much money you’re prepared to spend before even stepping into the casino, it makes leaving that much easier. Once you’ve lost your set amount of cash, it’s time to pack and walk out. By adopting this mind set, you won’t be tempted to spend “just an extra $5” chasing down a win. Bring only the amount you’ve decided to spend and leave the rest at home!

2. Are the odds in your favour?

It may be a shock to hear, but casinos are not going to rig every game so that an easy win falls into your lap. Yes, there are certain slots that make it easier to land small wins, but you need to be sure that you know which games you’re playing before sitting down at a machine or table. If the stakes are too high, simply move on to the next game.

3. Stay sober

It’s easy to fall prey to the beautiful waitresses with their trays of free drinks. Drinking while gambling can dull the senses and cause you to make decisions you would normally avoid. Naturally, casinos would love for you to keep playing for as long as possible, which means that the offer of free drinks won’t go away. Simply say no! If you’re wanting to gamble responsibly and know your limits, grab a bottle of water instead and stay away from the booze. If you can’t gamble without a drink at the table, be aware of how much you’ve had to drink and know when it’s time to decline.

4. Don’t let time slip away

You may have noticed that once you’re on the casino floor, time seems to stop. There are no clocks, no announcements of closing time, and no windows. It’s easy to stay in one place and simply keep playing when there are no indicators for how long you’ve been there. It’s essential that you keep an eye on the time by glancing down at your watch at regular intervals or even setting an alarm that lets you know how long you’ve been playing. Being a responsible casino gambler means staying aware of your surroundings and being in control of your time spent playing.

5. Keep an eye on your cash

At no point while spinning the reels of a fun slot or betting at the Roulette table should you not know how much cash you have in your pocket at that moment. It can be easy to lose track when you’re playing a 25c slot to keep feeding the machine, but be aware of how much money you’ve spent and how much you still have to spend during your stay. Count your cash and be sure that you haven’t spent more than you’ve intended to. If you’ve set yourself a limit as to how much you’re going to spend (or win) before leaving, counting your cash can be a great indication for when it’s time to cash out and go home.

6. Take a breather

It’s not unusual to hear horror stories of gamblers on the floor of a casino staying in one place for so long that they soil themselves, but refuse to move. It’s a fact that casino games can be addictive and if you’re not aware of yourself and those around you, it can be all too easy to fall into their trap. Set yourself a limit for each game that you play, once you’ve reached that limit, get up and walk around. It’s a healthy habit to keep moving on the casino floor. Get up and splash some water on your face in the bathroom, visit the restaurant, or simply walk to the opposite end of the floor and play a new game there. Don’t be tempted to stay in one place for too long chasing a win that may never come.

7. Have an exit strategy

If you’re easily distracted or simply can’t keep track of time, it may be wise to set an exit strategy for yourself before entering the casino. The strategy could be as simple as setting an alarm on your phone that will alert you to when your time is up and that it’s time to go home. You could also choose to leave once you’ve reached a particular winning or losing point. Have you doubled the set amount you brought with you? Then it’s time to head home! Have you only got $5 left of your allocated spending money? Cash out and catch an Uber! Whatever you decide to set as your exit strategy, the number one rule is to stick to it.

8. Read the fine print

It is said that the only way to win is by truly knowing your enemy. While a casino slot may not be your enemy, it certainly isn’t fun learning that you haven’t landed the big you expected due to the fine print that stated you had to be making bets of a certain amount. This relates back to the 2nd tip of knowing the game you’re playing before you sit down. Take a moment to Google the game or simply read the screen before slipping any cash into the slot. There’s no need to rush and make uninformed decisions.

9. Know your limits

Whether this tip relates to drinking, spending, or winning, it all remains the same – Knowing your limits is key to gambling responsibly. Once you’ve cashed out your winnings and you’re heading for the door, don’t be tempted to try and conquer that blackjack table just one more time. Or don’t be fooled into thinking that THIS TIME you’re going to hit that mega jackpot. Once you’ve reached your limit, walk away. Call it willpower, self-control, or sheer determination, either way, you’re the real winner for knowing when to stop.

10. It’s all down to luck

At the end of the day, gambling is supposed to be fun. You can’t strategise your way into winning or make plans for taking home a bag full of cash. Gambling, even the most strategic of casino games, is down to luck and luck is fickle. Enjoy the highs, but be prepared for the lows, and remember – Know when to play your hand, and know when to fold and walk away.