Switzerland to legalize Online Gambling

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on June 13, 2018 in Industry News

Industry News SwitzerlandThere have been many changes in the online industry over the past few years due to a rapid growth in the market. 

One of the biggest changes have been the legalization of online gambling in many countries. 

Recently Switzerland have changed their laws to allow online casinos to run within the country. 

New gambling opportunities and restrictions

The good news is that Swiss gamblers will now be able to legally access online casinos within the country.

Like many other countries Switzerland has opted for a closed legal online gambling market. 

The government has announced that while online gambling will be legal, foreign operators will not be allowed to provide their offering to Swiss players. 

According to the BBC the parliament has legalized certified Swiss online casinos but internet access providers will be required to block all foreign sites. 

The new Gambling Act has won the supports of 71.9% of voters and is said to take effect in 2019. 

It has been said that the new Act is one of the strictest in Europe as it will only allow Swiss-certified casinos and gaming firms to operate. 

The reason for the strict new laws is to provide players with online gambling entertainment while curbing gambling addiction. 

The new Gambling Act has already been passed by both houses of parliament. 

Reasons for the ban of foreign operators

According to Swiss Justice Minister, Simonetta Sommaruga, the bans are necessary to ensure that operators comply with the nation’s gambling laws. 

One of the determining factors within the legislation is that online gambling sites will be required to block known addicts. 

According to Sommaruga the ban is also deemed necessary as it has been alleged that Swiss gamblers have spent about 250 million francs on foreign gambling sites. These foreign operators pay no in-country taxes which means there is no contribution to anti-gambling programs. 

Many have argued that the government could have offered incentives to companies that agree to be taxes. These opponents to the ban believe that the referendum on the issue is driven by big money from Swiss Casinos. The latter allegedly will profit big time form the prohibition on online gambling at competitor sites. 

It is also known that IP and domain bans can be easily evaded through the use of a virtual private network. The legislators have however already stated that while they are aware of this, many other countries have managed to move gamblers to legitimate sites via banning foreign operators. 

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