WSOPE big winner takes home more than €1 million after qualifying for €220

Published on November 15, 2017 in Big Winners

WSOPE big winnerEvery year, thousands of hopeful poker players compete against each other in an attempt to take home their share of the winnings.

While there are many that walk away empty handed, those who prove to have the will and skill to conquer all others can walk away with a pretty penny in prize money.

The recent World Series of Poker Europe Main Event took place and the big winner may surprise you.

WSOPE Main Event Winner

The lucky winner with the skill and the guts to take home the main prize of more than €1,1 million is a Spaniard by the name of Marti Roca De Torres.

While this in itself may not seem like a strange occurrence, the manner in which De Torres managed to become the ultimate winner is astounding. After competing in a €220 satellite match on 888Poker, De Torres qualified to be a part of the WSOPE this year. Initially qualifying for the €10,350 buy-in Main Event, it wasn’t long before he knocked out the rest of the competition and claimed the top prize for himself!

Playing your way to first place in a competition such as this one is no small feat as there were more than 500 entrants waiting to be number one at the offset of the event. The entrants included reigning champion, Kevin MacPhee who closed out in 10th place.

Many of the players who made it to the top 8 players alongside De Torres have interesting backstories. Maria Ho, the 6th place finalist, started out as a sideline reporter and had her heart set on being the first female WSOPE Main Event winner. Unfortunately, she didn’t quite make the cut, but we’re sure to see her in the running again next year.

Niall Farrell and Jack Salter are also well-known names in the game. Playing for the big win, these experienced players simply couldn’t best the Spaniard this time.

Prize Money

As the final showdown took place between De Torres, a first-time player at the WSOPE Main Event, and experienced winner, Gianluca Speranza, the competition quickly heated up. Almost four hours later, De Torres walked away from the table triumphant and the new number 1 player.

The top 8 players from the WSOPE Main Event are as follows:

  • 1st place – Marti Roca De Torres - €1,115,207 in prize money
  • 2nd place - Gianluca Speranza – €689,246 in prize money
  • 3rd place -  Mathijs Jonkers – €476,585 in prize money
  • 4th place - Robert Bickley – €335,089 in prize money
  • 5th place -  Niall Farrell – €239,639 in prize money
  • 6th place -  Maria Ho – €174,365 in prize money
  • 7th place -  Jack Salter – €129,121 in prize money
  • 8th place -  Luis Rodrigues – €97,344 in prize money

De Torres was originally an economics teacher, but recently quit his job to become a full-time poker player. With a win such as this under his belt, we’re sure to see much more of this successful player in the future.

As the first person from Catalonia, Spain to win a WSOP bracelet, De Torres has much to celebrate. Including the upcoming arrival of his second child!