Vera&John Casino's big winnerWe all have that one online slot that we play on a regular basis which we hope will bring us good luck. It may be a simple fruit slot or something as brilliant and complex as Divine Fortune, but either way, it's always good to spin the reels and hope for the best.

One very lucky Vera&John Casino customer recently experienced what it's like to be rewarded by one of your favourite casino games, not once, but twice!

The lucky punter from Stockholm goes by the name of Torgils and he knows what it's like to experience big wins after putting in the spins while gaming at an online casino. Big wins seem to follow this 75-year-old punter and Lady Luck was definitely smiling down on him.

Two Big Wins

Only a few short weeks ago, Torgils logged into his Vera&John account from his tablet and decided to spend some time playing his preferred casino games.

After spinning the reels of the Divine Fortune Touch mobile slot, a huge jackpot bonus landed and he was suddenly a wealthy man! With £171,956 in his account, Torgils couldn't believe his luck.

In only 3 minutes, this Vera&John customer went from being a regular guy to being a big winner at one of the top online casinos in the world. 

Like a total pro, Torgils simply commented: "Well, it felt pretty good to get a big win," when asked about his stroke of luck.

Round Two

You may not think that lightning strikes twice, but for this punter it most certainly did. While Torgils may not have been the most vocal winner, he was certainly the most determined.

Ready to land another big win, exactly two weeks later Torgils once again played the Divine Fortune slot by NetEnt. He must've pleased the gods, because not long after logging in, he once again spotted those 5 golden coins on the reels and triggered a £79,212 jackpot win!

In true Torgils style, the punter simply said, "I'm pretty happy," when asked how he felt about winning a second time.

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