UK Gambling Commission steps up for the man on the street

Published on November 18, 2017 in Industry News

Uk Gambling Commission NewsThe UK Gaming Commission has until present day always been focussed on maintaining a viable and efficient gambling market in one of Europe’s number one online gambling countries. Protection of both gambling vendors and consumers alike have been a keen objective of the organisation since its inception. It aims to provide a workable and fair gaming market for all concerned.

Upping the Ante

The Commission is however ramping up its efforts to fend for the man on the street, who has increasingly become the victim of gambling addiction and in some areas unfair practice.

This initiative has been installed to ensure stricter regulations for gambling vendors in order to ensure a fairer and safer environment for the consumer.

The objectives are due to be rolled out over the next 3 years, during which time all providers licensed through the UK Gambling Commission will be forced to conform to the stricter structures or face enforced sanctions by the commission, which will affect their ability to trade legally.


The Gambling Commission has strategized and come up with 5 key areas that need specific attention to ensure a more conducive gambling market:

1. Improved regulations

The commission seeks to re-evaluate its current regulations to try and better current legislation for the betterment of the market.

2. Raising the standards of the market as a whole

The Commission aims to initiate the introduction of an independent body, whose sole purpose is to resolve industry specific complaints from gamblers and players.

3. Preventing gambling-related harm

The UK Gambling Commission acknowledges that there is a rise in gambling addiction and are therefore focussing a strategy that will bring a balance between the enjoyment of playing online casino games and the risk involved in playing them.

4. Protecting the players/consumers

The UK Gambling Commission intends to take the necessary steps to ensure that gambling vendors’ conduct towards patrons is in line with strict ethical regulations and that providers are taking the necessary measures to keep customers safe and secure.

Strict sanctions will be implemented on gambling operators who do not promote and adhere to a safer and more secure gambling network.

5. Optimisation of returns

This refers to the fairness of pay outs to respective consumers, and we can imagine that pay-out limits will come under great scrutiny in the future.


It only stands to reason that with all of the regulation changes, that more and more consumers will be protected from unethical gaming practices. This will give players more faith in the system and increase the number of gamblers willing to play online because of the reduced risk factor, which in turn will boost revenue all around.

Another positive outcome will be that responsible gambling may actually become more of a practice than just a mere catch phrase or saying. Protection of citizens is a noble objective, and I therefore tip my hat to the commission and its strategy.