Thrills Casino Mega Joker winnerOnline casino punters around the world know that winning doesn't always happen easily. For some a big win lands in their lap within the first few hours of playing, but for others, it can take a while.

Thrills Casino's newest big winner recently landed a whopping win of €23,000 on a single spin while playing the Mega Joker slot!

An interview with the winner from Norway revealed a few interesting facts about winning at online casinos.

Big winner at Thrills Casino

The 35-year-old player from Norway revealed that he'd never won a jackpot as big as this one and he's been an online casino punter for 6 years!

Many casino gamers have strategies that they follow while spinning the reels of a great slot, but this lucky winner simply follows his gut.

"My strategy is to play when I have a good feeling," he said. "This time I knew I would get there if I didn't give up."

After playing for nearly 11 hours, a huge win finally landed. While this winner tends to play many different slots at Thrills Casino, he chooses to stick to those with big payout potential such as Mega Joker and Jackpot 6000.

We all dream of splashing out on impressive cars or buying a new house, but this Norwegian winner has a more practical use for his cash. He intends to clear his Mastercard bills and maybe buy a little something for his brothers.

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It's no surprise that this punter loves Thrills Casino, but his favourite aspect of being a Thrills customer is the withdrawal process.

"I love the fast withdrawals," said the big winner. "Your Payments team is something else!"

If you want to experience the potential big wins and fantastic service at Thrills Casino for yourself, register an account today and get started!