The ultimate Metalhead, Ozzy Osbourne has made Metal Casino his home!

Published on November 17, 2017 in Industry News, Metal Casino

Ozzy Osbourne Metal CasinoThe father of metal, Ozzy Osbourne has teamed up with the one and only ‘Metal Casino: A platform created by metalheads for metalheads.

Metal Casino have struck gold, signing on the Black Sabbath frontman, Ozzy Osbourne as the brand ambassador for the company. The proclaimed “Prince of Darkness” was apparently so impressed with the brand and its ethos, along with the fact that the team were passionate for the culture and the music, that he became a part-owner in the organisation.

Ozzy went on to say, “The guys at Metal Casino told me that their brand was all about being true, relevant, and dedicated to the customer. That really resonated with me. To me, that translated as keeping it real, keeping it original, and doing it all for your fans, and that’s all I’ve been trying to do my whole f**kin’ life.”

The chief marketing officer at Metal Casino, Clas Dahlen, has made it clear that the brand is absolutely thrilled to have the legend on board, and is convinced that they have secured the biggest sponsorship deal in the world.

The evidence of fandom is clear in the office, and it truly is an amazing feat that this online casino has accomplished.

Who is Ozzy?

Ozzy truly is a pioneer in his genre, having paved the way for heavy metal in the early 70’s. Black Sabbath were a household name amongst teens and the dark side of metal grew in leaps and bounds since then.  

Having been off the scene for decades, Ozzy re-united with Black Sabbath four years ago to release their Worldwide No.1 album, ‘13’, whilst on their final international tour, which culminated in their ultimate show in Birmingham, England.

Ozzy has collaborated on many successful tours and album recordings in the past, but the boys at Metal Casino seem to be convinced that this might end up being his best collaboration yet.

Playing at Metal Casino

Metal Casino is brand new, and has only been up and running since August 2017, but with strides such as this, they are set up for international success. They are the very first Metal themed casino in the world, aimed specifically at rockers as their niche target market.

Aside from signing a great brand ambassador they have got on board with world leading online gambling giants, such as Microgaming, Net Entertainment, and Play ‘n Go gaming developers. They offer a variety of online gambling entertainment from video slots, to Blackjack games, to Baccarat, to Roulette, and they even include Live Casino gaming.

There is no shortage of casino games available, with currently more than 500 titles available to play with some super metal bonuses along the way. Prizes often include memorabilia, tickets and other genre specific and theme related rewards.

Clas Dahlen has made it clear that the most important thing about Metal Casino is that it is more than just a casino. It is a platform for a global community of metalheads and casino lovers to share their passion, and converse with like-minded people. The addition of Ozzy will ensure that this dream is possible.

Visit Metal Casino and discover what this online establishment has to offer!