The impact and changes of online casino games

Published on November 29, 2016 in Industry News

Online casino gamesOnline gaming slots have changed quite a lot over the years with their looks, animations, and styles. With the constant advancement of technology, players now have the luxury of logging on to their favourite online casino and playing on the go at anytime and anywhere.

“With mobile slots on the rise, more people have started
showing interest in online casinos.”

Mobile slots were launched in mid-2000 and managed to expand the reach of online casinos. Players can choose between playing app-based casinos and playing from their web browser. With online gambling keeping up with current trends and evolving with technology more and more millennial players are showing interest and getting involved in the online gambling industry.

Online currencies like Bitcoin have also made it easier for almost anyone to enjoy a safe and care-free play experience. With convenient payment methods, such as Bitcoin, a variety of mobile slots and constantly improving graphics and technology, more millennials are being drawn towards online casino slots.

Millennials: Why the interest in online gaming?

The younger generations are known for being quite restless and constantly being on the lookout for new and alternative ways of entertainment. About 5 years ago, the UK internet gambling market registered a stagnant growth but with the increased use of smartphones and great marketing campaigns new air has been blown into internet gambling.

The tech-savvy and wealthy millennials otherwise known as Generation Y were the first to exploit the blossoming market. The casino industry has turned its focus towards millennials and their wants and needs. With the strategic focus change it has seen the biggest number of 18-40 year olds partaking in online casino slots than ever before.

US casinos are also riding the growth current and some have started introducing social casinos/ gambling websites that allow players to play free mobile slots and popular card and table games. They offer no-deposit bonuses which allows players to test out their gaming skills and earn virtual credits that could be converted to cash later on.

The rise of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an internet currency used for many online actions such as online gambling. More players, casinos, and companies are making the change towards Bitcoin as it benefits both players and operators. Some of the biggest benefits include that it can’t be tampered with, banks have no power over its usage, and it can’t be counterfeited. All payments or wagers placed are private, immediate, and permanent.

Bitcoin casino ventures have become so lucrative that a lot of websites have started to include Bitcoin payment options. Bitcoin payment options are generally made through Bitcoin ‘taps’ or fiat-to-Bitcoin exchange platforms. In some cases, casinos will reward players with small amounts of Bitcoin for completing small tasks such as filling in Captcha forms. 

Many gambling commissions are adding Bitcoin to their list of recognized currencies for deposits and payouts. Bitcoin-only casinos are expected to branch out and move towards more mainstream acceptance over the next few years.