Online casino gamesDelaware, Nevada and New Jersey are the first three states in the United States that have legalised online gambling and it has been growing slowly ever since. These states can proudly play at casinos such as Miami Club Casino without any worry of legal issues.

While this is fantastic news for players from these states there are many other states waiting on the side-lines hopeful for a wave of expansion in the gambling industry. Online casinos have become quite lucrative and form part of a giant growing industry.

"According to predictions by Gambling Compliance Limited, California or Pennsylvania may approve internet gambling for this year and New York and Mississippi could follow the lead."

Unlawful gambling in the US

The United States is known as one of the biggest online markets when it comes to online gambling but players have been getting quite uneasy not knowing whether they were play legally or illegally. The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act passed in 2006 was aimed at curbing money laundering but instead it kept American players from partaking in any gaming sites online in the USA.

The UIGEA might’ve been instated to keep online gambling sites in line but in fact all it did was create panic for players. After the Department of Justice shut down a variety of poker sites a lot of players lost their money or are still waiting to get it back from the online operators. This whole process has confused players and other consumers on whether to consider online gambling.

The numbers of players in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey are on a steady increase as more and more people are made aware of the new laws. Players feel calm and confident in their online game time which allows the government to collect bigger amounts of money. 

Online casinos and playing safely

Online casinos offer a range of highly entertaining games such as free slots, Video Poker and Blackjack. Other online favourites are Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Poker, and Bingo as they are the perfect combination of chance and skill.

To play for real money you would need to get the latest information on trusted online casinos and gambling sites. When looking for a site that is 100% secure and licensed with a good reputation, Miami Club Casino is definitely the place to be. With some of the very best, high-quality games provided by WMS you will find yourself entertained for hours on end.