The dawn of a dedicated apps era in the online casino industry

Published on March 1, 2017 in Industry News

Mobile Casino AppsDedicated apps seem to have become the preference over mobile casino sites amongst online casino operators. While mobile-friendly sites are still in circulation and get used by many, apps are taking the lead.

"Some might even say that mobile-friendly sites may
soon become a thing of the past."

It seems that mobile-friendly sites are not just disregarded in the field of online casinos but also in other areas of media. More and more companies, businesses, and other entities are trading their mobile-friendly sites for apps. The reason driving this decision is the user-friendly interface and the level of enjoyment users experience from using an app rather that visiting a website. Truth be told that this comes as no surprise seeing as it is the mobile age and there are many advantages in making use of the latest technology provided for mobile software.

Benefits for Online Casinos 

The benefits online casino gaming websites reap from dedicated apps are quite notable. Not only do the apps appear to be more user-friendly but they also seem to be much easier to create, maintain, and upgrade. Many developers prefer the era of dedicated aps over mobile-friendly sites even with the challenges of fitting a lot of data and content into a small product.  

Developers are comforted by the fact that the challenges of adapting a fully-fledged online casino into a dedicated app is merely temporary. Once the biggest hurdle of adapting these apps has been overcome it will be a breeze to fix, update, or recreate the app while mobile-friendly sites require a lot of time, dedication, and effort.

The only downside is that an app would need to be created for each dedicated provider such as Android, iOS, and Windows.  

When it comes to moving from one technological era or challenge to a next there has always been some sort of disagreement between the public, developers, and operators. With all of these groups agreeing and leaning towards dedicated apps rather than mobile-friendly sites it seems that this latest “trend” might be a benefit for everyone.