PlayFrank King of Blackjack PromoBlackjack has been one of the most popular casino games since the industry started. It’s the perfect game for players who look for something that provides entertainments while also requiring a set of skills, a game plan and determination. 

If this is your type of game, then assemble your team and take your seat at the PlayFrank Casino Blackjack Tables!

This weekend the PlayFrank Casino team are creating the ultimate Blackjack challenge to determine once and for all which player at the casino is considered to be the King of Blackjack. If this is your type of challenge, then make sure to keep the 28th and 29th of October free for 48 hours of non-stop Blackjack entertainment. 

King of Blackjack

With 2 days of incredible and live Blackjack entertainment headed your way, it’s time to know what you are playing for. As the name states, you’ll play for the title of King of Blackjack and also spectacular prizes. 

The best part of the challenge is that every player will get something out whether they’ve managed to claim the title to the throne or not. Every player who manages to get 20 wins in Blackjack will receive a 5% Cashback. 

While everyone gets something for their efforts there can unfortunately only be 1 King, 1 Duke, and 1 Baron of Blackjack. If it’s the title you seek you need to step up your game and head over to the Blackjack Live Casino and Table Games available at PlayFrank Casino. 

Royal Titles and other Rewards

There will be three big Blackjack titles to win namely the King, Duke and Baron of Blackjack. These titles will be given to the top 3 players, plus to sweeten the deal these royals will also score a bigger cashback bonus

The Baron of Blackjack is the 1st player who scores 100 wins. This lucky player will also receive a 10% cashback on their losses over the weekend. 

The 1st player to get 300 wins will claim the Duke of Blackjack title as well as a 15% cashback on all losses made over the weekend. 

Last but definitely not least, the heir to the King of Blackjack throne will receive a 20% cashback on all losses made over the weekend. To claim this title, you need to be the first player with an impressive amount of 500 wins!

All cashbacks will be paid out on Monday, the 30th of October 2017 to refuel your engine and start the week with a bit of a boost. The stakes are high and the rewards higher, do you have what it takes to become the King of Blackjack? Head over to Play Frank Casino this weekend to find out!

Not a member? 

The title is open to claim by anyone that is a member at Play Frank Casino. If you’ve got what it takes and you’ve been dying to prove your skill in Blackjack but you’re not a member of Play Frank Casino don’t fear. There is still time. 

All you need to do is head over to PlayFrank Casino and create your free casino account. As a brand new member of this playful casino you’ll be eligible for a 100% welcome bonus + 100 free spins. 

The battle is about to begin and only one can be named King of Blackjack. Will it be you? Visit PlayFrank Casino!
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