The battle against hackers and thieves in online casinos

Published on November 30, 2016 in Industry News

Casino hackers and thievesOne of the biggest responsibilities online casinos have is to provide their clients with a safe and secure gambling experience. Creating this safe and secure environment generally makes a big dent in the casino’s pocket. The recent attacks on UK online gambling operator William Hill by hacker thieves have caused ongoing problems that the industry titan is still trying to solve.

"The importance of attentive security is vitally important which was proven once again by the hack attack of a major casino data bank in Ontario, Canada."

Online gambling domains prepared themselves for digital attack back in October this year after the HackForums hacking community posted the source code of a new type of distributed denial of service (DDoS) online. William Hill, one of Britain’s biggest bookies, was the victim of a huge cyber-attack that resulted in the loss of millions of pounds in revenue which significantly crippled them. According to a spokesman for William Hill the online services were sporadically affected by DDoS activity by third parties in the last week. The spokesperson also said that online companies have experienced a significant increase in DDoS activity over the last few weeks.

Hacking for good

Many hackers, such as Anonymous, take forcible action to create a more transparent environment. The infamous group temporarily shut down websites of Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babis’s Food and Agriculture Empire. This was done as a protest of a law that gives the state the power to close illegal gambling sites. 

While there are some who use DDoS attacks for a good cause others use it as leverage for blackmail. Hackers who are known for being able to field a large and dangerous botnet that knocks servers offline have the luxury of exploiting businesses that could be affected financially through an attack. They usually demand that these companies provide them with ‘protection’ payments of a substantial amount to keep them safe from such attacks.

Players are urged to play responsibly when making use of online casinos and to never do anything that might exploit them. Players do have a certain amount of security when playing at an online gambling regulated casino or sportsbook but adding personal safety measures could only be beneficial.