Responsible online gambling in SwedenWe all know that online gambling was designed to give players a chance at winning big with each spin or bet they place. It was also created as a fun way to play great games and spend your time, just as any other form of entertainment is designed to do.

Whether you prefer to spend each weekend in the movie house or you enjoy playing a fun online slot, entertainment should be both safe and easy to manage.

Responsible gambling is a term that gets thrown around often when discussing the casino industry and Sweden has decided to take that discussion one step further.

Gambling Addiction Laws

In an attempt to create awareness and also find a solution to gambling addiction, Sweden has added new laws to their Social Services Act and Health Care Act. Thanks to gambling addiction now being classed on the same level as alcohol and drug addictions, those who need help can finally do so more easily.

The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (or Socialstyrelsen) has admitted to falling short in supporting those who need it with regards to gambling addiction. The recent changes have been made before the liberalisation of Sweden's gambling market.

Set to come into full effect from early in 2018, those struggling with gambling addiction will be able to visit their local health care facilities for help. The youth will also be educated on the risks that surround gambling addiction, just as they are educated about drugs and alcohol.

"So far, it has been difficult in many parts of the country to get help for gambling problems. Hopefully this legislative change means that access to care and treatment will increase and more people will be able to get the necessary help," said Christina Högblom of Socialstyrelsen.

Responsible Gambling

As with any form of entertainment, including social gaming, alcohol use, or even shopping - addiction for some will always be a reality. This doesn't mean that gambling as a whole (or any of the other vices mentioned) should be shunned completely.

In order for entertainment to stay both fun and safe, it's important that adults above the legal age take full responsibility for their actions and ensure a safe playing environment.

Here are just a few ways to gamble responsibly:

  1. Set a budget and stick to it! If you only have a certain amount of cash set aside to spend, play through your budget and then walk away. It can be tempting to make one more deposit or play your favourite casino game just one more time. Always stick to your budget for zero regrets the next day. 
  2. Stay sober. Playing under the influence of alcohol, whether at a land-based casino or at an online establishment, is never a good idea. If you know that you make bad decisions while tipsy, steer clear of the alcohol until you've completed your gambling.
  3. Watch the clock. Land-based casinos in particular never have clocks on the casino floor to give the illusion of time passing slowly. It can be just as easy to get sucked into a game you really enjoy while playing online. If you want to keep a firm hand on your spending, watch the clock or even set an alarm to stay aware.

Remember that playing at an online casino should be all about the fun. Gamble responsibly and most of all - If you think you may have an addiction, seek professional help immediately.