Sic Bo Game Review at Raging Bull casino

Published on November 2, 2016

Play Sic Bo at Raging Bull casinoSic Bo is an ancient game that has now met the modern online world. So come play it now at Raging Bull Online Casino. Expect a pristine gaming experience enriched with greater graphics and even greater wins.

First developed in China thousands of years ago, Sic Bo and is a combination of Chuck-a-luck and craps.

Bricks with numbers written on were first used by construction workers who would bet on where and how they would land after throwing them in the air. A rather bulky and clumsy way to play, the bricks were then changed to dice. This game of chance eventually spread to the States in the 1920s by immigrants. While Sic Bo these days is played with three dice, the words translated means ‘dice pair’, leading some to believe it was formally played with two dice.

Sic Bo Design

Reatime Gaming has created this game with an exquisite grey table and a dark, stained wood border. The marking are clear to distinguish between and the ‘Table Limit’ counter for the min, max and current wager placed is at the top of the screen. Three dice appear on the top, right hand side with the colorful chips ranging from $1, $5, $25, $100 and $500.

How to Start Playing

After logging into the lobby, click the ‘Specialty’’ tab and look for the game. The aim of Sic Bo is to guess the respective numbers, group of numbers or the overall total of the three rolled dice. 

  • Click on your desired chips. To remove chips click on ‘Amount Bet Per Click’
  • Use ‘Repeat’ to wager the same bet
  • Click anywhere on the table if you didn’t use ‘Repeat’ and re-select
  • ‘Clear’ removes your pick
  • ‘Roll’ starts the game

For your undeniable chance of easy winnings on one of the best casino games at Raging Bull Online Casino, try out Sic Bo!