Sharpen your skills with the new TriStation Gaming Machine in Las Vegas

Published on November 3, 2017 in Industry News

Industry News Las VegasSkill-Based Gaming Machines have been getting a lot of attention recently. Unlike other casino games that are played and won solely by luck these gems can be highly rewarding depending on your skill level. 

The Las Vegas Strip just recently got its second round of skill-based gaming machines delivered. For players who love a challenge and are looking to test and upgrade their skill these games could be potentially rewarding. 

Players who are looking to invest their skills and make use of the latest technology graphic games to earn cash now have even more options to choose from.

Earlier this year Gamblit Gaming unveiled the TriStation, a pod with three different interactive gaming stations, at Planet Hollywood. Players can play a total of 6 highly entertaining and intriguing skill based games on the TriStation. The one benefit Skill-Based Gaming Machines such as the TriStation have is that winning is much easier than it is on luck-based gaming machines depending on your skill level. 

6 Ways to Play

For players looking to invest their money and play games with a higher chance of winning there are 6 top quality games to choose from.

  • Slice of Cake - The first game is Slice of Cake which requires players to chop and slice ingredients and bake a delicious cake.
  • Smoothie Blast - There is also a healthier gaming version namely the Smoothie Blast where you get to slice fruits and mix them together to create the ultimate smoothie. 
  • Match 3volution - If food, treats and drinks aren’t exactly what you had in mind you can opt to play Match 3volution instead. With Match 3volution players get to create characters and match their characteristics.
  • Lucky Words - While playing Lucky Words you get to satisfy the letter lover within by putting together letters and creating words. 
  • Catapult King - The Catapult King game allows you to enter the world of kings and castles where you are required to use catapults to get your knights into the castle. If the game sounds oddly familiar it might be because you’ve played it on your mobile phone once or twice. 
  • Into the Dead - Lastly, Into the Dead is an interactive Zombie game that allows you to let out your frustration of the day by shooting zombies and making cash doing so.

The Logistics

With recent developments and changes in the gaming legislation, the Nevada Gaming Control Board bought the TriStation under their New Innovation Beta Process. In doing so they hope to quicken the developing phase of the latest gaming technologies. 

The Gamblit Model G gaming machine that was launched at various casinos on the Las Vegas gaming strip earlier this year has already received regulatory approval from the control board. 

Skill Based Gaming Machines are rapidly becoming more and more popular. The main reason for their rise to fame is due to the fact that players are more likely to win depending on their skills. 

All 6 of the games available on the TriStation have different coin-ins and maximum pay-outs. The house rules will also vary from casino to casino. With the minimum bet ranging between 50 cents and $2, the TriStation is open to players from all walks of life and can be enjoyed for hours on end without breaking the bank.