Prestige Baccarat Live table games receive a makeover by Playtech

Published on November 24, 2016 in Industry News

Playtech Baccarat casino gamesAny punter who has been playing at online casinos for any amount of time will undoubtedly have heard of Playtech. More than likely, that same player would have been entertained by one of the many Playtech creations currently on the market.

“One of the factors that makes Playtech a leader in the casino industry is its constant aim to create better and more entertaining casino games.”

Never satisfied to simply ride on their wave of success, there always seems to be more for Playtech to achieve.

New Live Games

One of the most recent additions to the Playtech catalogue of casino games are their Live Prestige Baccarat tables. This new release follows on the success of the Live Prestige Roulette tables launched a little over a year ago. 

Five different camera angles, an all-round enhanced gaming experience, hand-picked dealers, and multiple language offerings are all reasons you will not want to miss these new table games. Coupled with the redesigned user interface, this new Prestige gaming experience truly allows online users to feel like they’re seated at a brick and mortar casino table.

Enhanced Virtual Experience

According to Shimon Akard, Playtech’s COO, “The Prestige series of products represents the next generation of Playtech's live casino offering. By using everything modern technologies have to offer, Playtech hopes to completely change and significantly enhance the virtual live casino experience as we know it today in every sense of the word.”