New Jersey’s appeal to offer sports betting gains support

Published on November 23, 2016 in Industry News

New Jersey sports betting lawNew Jersey has been battling long and hard over recent months to have the right to offer sports betting to extremely keen customers in US casinos

The appeal to the US Supreme Court, which was filed in October 2016, has gained the backing of Attorney General in five different states throughout the US.

"The appeal was originally posted in opposition to the ruling by the Third Circuit Appeals Court which stated that New Jersey was not able to repeal state law to legalise betting."

The brief was filed by Patrick Morrissey, a West Virginia Attorney General, and is backed by four other Attorney Generals. The brief, which is the second of its kind, after the orginal which was posted by Dr Ryan Rodenberg. Dr Rodenberg believes that a US-wide prohibition on sport betting “gives professional sports bodies unconstitutional powers”.

The new brief filed by the Attorney Generals argues that the government is withholding the rights of the people. The brief also stated: "In addition, the Third Circuit disregarded [the Supreme Court’s] anti-commandeering jurisprudence by requiring state legislators to maintain, and state executive officials to enforce, laws that would otherwise have been repealed."