Betsson casino big winnerIt can pay to try something a little different once in a while. One very lucky Betsson Casino punter discovered this after he decided to play a random casino game instead of his usual choices. Betsson punter, 38-year-old Esa from Espoo in Finland started playing the Jazz of New Orleans slot and it quickly paid off! In fact, it took only 15 minutes for Esa to win a massive €185,788.

After signing up for his account in November 2015, Esa often played jackpot games and this time he decided to try Jazz of New Orleans, a progressive jackpot based on the famous city in the USA.

Esa was ecstatic with his massive €185,788 win and commented saying: “I can’t believe it finally happened. I think it’s going to hit me after I really see the money. I just picked a game at random and now I really believe that it’s possible for everyone to win, even when playing for less than €1 per spin.”

Winning is what every punter hopes for and this time Esa’s dreams came true thanks to Betsson.

“I don’t know how to describe my reaction when I won. I’ve been dreaming about winning a jackpot for a long time,” the punter said. Esa has already made plans for his big win. “First of all I will take my wife out to dinner and then some serious stuff like paying bills and the mortgage off.”

Betsson’s big winners

Over the last three years, Betsson Casino has paid out more than €75,000,000 in big wins! The casino also held a Guinness World Record in 2011 for the highest ever jackpot payout. Betsson punters have a long history of setting and breaking records, and you could be next!