Independent game studios get a BOOST with Yggdrasil Masters Programme

Published on March 12, 2018 in Industry News

Yggdrasil Master NewsThe award-winning gaming provider, Yggdrasil Gaming, has announced some ground-breaking news during the Sigma 2018 event. 

The gaming provider is launching the Yggdrasil Game Server (YGS) Masters and will be inviting independent game studios to grow the game title list on their platform. With this Yggdrasil will be curating content from all the leading independent game studios across the globe. 

The interesting part is that the platform works on an invite-only basis but is also semi-open.

Strategic initiative

According to Yggdrasil’s CEO, Fredrik Elmqvist, the YGS Masters is a strategic initiative brought to life because of the increasingly fragmented value chain in the gaming industry. 

Elmqvist further explained that with the scarcity of direct integrations, independent suppliers are in need of support from an already established partner, especially one with front running technology. He explained that a modern, open platform offering the power and flexibility of BOOST™ as well as a broad market penetration such as what Yggdrasil has is something that operators and game studios have been crying out for, for years. 

BOOST™ is Yggdrasil’s collection of in-game promotional tools which they will now make accessible to studios in their program. The studios can then use these tools to develop their own versions within their game clients. This will also give them the ability to run exciting network campaigns with the launch of games and other relevant events!

YGS Masters

Stuart McCarthy, Head of Studio Partnerships will be leading the YGS Masters and has expressed his joy and pride in taking the lead on the project. McCarthy also believes that the YGS Masters is an exciting development for the gaming industry as a whole. McCarthy is no stranger in the industry and has managed to build his reputation through his great work at various top gaming companies. He has worked with both BetClic and NYS in the past and was Product Manager for OGS. 

The YGS Masters Programme will be managed independently and will be taking place at a separate location from the Yggdrasil game studio business. 

The goal is to create and help an elite group of hand-selected game developers, who have proven themselves with the quality of their developing skills, with the market-leading BOOST™ tools to create noteworthy content and features that will prove to be irresistible for online casinos and avid gamblers. 

There is clearly no stopping Yggdrasil this year as they’ve already started off with a bang by signing a deal with Global Gaming in February and now creating the YGS Masters Programme. Since its launch, Yggdrasil has been known as somewhat of an underdog among the giants in the industry. However, their game software has been known to speak for itself with creative themes, superb graphics, animations, features and sounds. 

With an aim to increase their reach and grow their range of games available through signing a new operator and unveiling the YGS Masters Programme, Yggdrasil is definitely stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight. 

This underdog is making waves and the top industry leaders should watch out as there is a new big player in town. With the YGS Masters Programme, Yggdrasil will not only manage to expand their reach but they’ll also be helping dozens of independent game studios get their foot in the door.