Safe Bitcoin casinosBitcoin is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of online casino currency. Quick, safe, and more secure than most forms of online banking, Bitcoin is a crypto-currency that exists only on the internet.

Without any connection to a banking institute or physical currency, Bitcoin has quickly grown to be a real contender in the online casino space.

Unfortunately, recent news has revealed that a number of fake Bitcoin casinos have been created and they're causing players to be ripped off.

Fake Bitcoin casinos

When choosing any online casino, Bitcoin or not, it's important follow a few guidelines in order to make the experience as enjoyable and safe as possible.

The anonymous nature of making deposits and withdrawing wins using Bitcoin makes playing a breeze. It's because of this that players may be more likely to sign up with a Bitcoin casino.

If you want to ensure that you're playing at a safe (and real) Bitcoin casino, follow the steps and look out for the following signs.

1. Always read casino reviews

This is the first and most important step before signing up at any online casino. Google the casino you intend to join or simply take a look through our extensive list of top-notch and safe online casino reviews.

If there's very little or no word on how an online casino functions, it is safer to steer clear and sign up at a well-known site with a solid reputation. As always, the number one rule is 'rather safe than sorry'. If you have your doubts about an online casino, don't sign up and definitely don't make a deposit.

2. Look out for fake casino games

While tricky to spot, fake online casino games are a tell-tale sign that a casino is up to no good. The games may look and sound much like the original, but you'll soon spot a glitch or an error that you wouldn't find while playing a legitimate game.

For this reason, most fake Bitcoin casinos won't let you play their games for before signing up for fear that you'll spot the problem before making your first deposit.

Always ensure that the games you play are 100% legitimate for a fair chance to be a winner. When playing a fake version of any online casino game, your bets won't count and your chances of winning are slim to none.

3. Payouts are a problem

Fake Bitcoin casinos are notorious for taking money from their customers, allowing them to play fake casino games, and potentially even win. This is where the real problem comes into play. After taking money from their customers, fake Bitcoin casinos will offer either very slow and short payment or no payment at all.

A huge plus for legitimate Bitcoin casinos is that withdrawals are practically instant. Without any fees, banking institutes, or red tape to work around, Bitcoin offers a quick and easy way to withdraw winnings. Fake Bitcoin casinos will rob you of this experience.

4. Zero customer service or responses

It's important that no matter which online casino you join, you should have access to well-trained customer service representatives to help you whenever you need it.

Whether to answer queries regarding deposits, withdrawals, promotions, or gameplay, you have the right to speak to a customer service agent at the establishment that takes your money. 

Fake Bitcoin casinos may provide you with an email address, but you will receive little or no response from any so-called customer service agent. These sites are often created and run by one or two individuals who intend to do nothing but rake in Bitcoin from users they've duped into making a deposit.

Always stay safe, play responsibly, and ensure that the online casino which receives your Bitcoin is one that is 100% legal.