From gaming portal to gaming adventure at your favourite online casino

Published on November 24, 2017 in Casino Tips

Gamification at online casinosThe online casino industry is quite popular at the moment with new casinos popping up daily. It’s interesting to see how the industry has grown and how online casinos have gone from being a straightforward gaming portal to complete gamification of the player’s experience. 

With so many online casinos to choose from it seems almost impossible to pick just one. With the amount of choices expanding it seemed logical for online casinos to up the stakes and improve their game plan.

Luckily for players this meant a variety of things from bigger rewards to experiencing adventure and fun before you select a game to play.

More Engaging Online Casinos

The first step most innovative online casinos took was to change the game by making their entire casino interface interactive through use of video game techniques. Players no longer load a casino to find simple bonus offers or gaming selections but rather an online adventure. 

It is this hype and excitement that truly sets the online casino world apart from land-based casinos. It’s not a status quo experience but a highly entertaining and rewarding one. In land-based casinos you find yourself walking straight to the games you prefer whether it be slots or table games like Roulette or Poker and remain in place until you’ve had enough. 

The online casino world encourages you to take a step out of your gaming comfort zone and explore new realms of gaming. Through use of competitions where you get to climb the leaderboard, enjoy free spin rewards and in-casino missions they subtly lead you towards a path of exploration. While some might consider this a bad thing, others find it satisfying and stimulating. 

You might have come across casino promotions, competitions and loyalty systems when logging in to any of the top online casinos. These simple calls-to-action immediately catch your eye, get you excited and make you act on impulse rather than doing anything else.

The Loyalty Points System

This is one of the oldest but most effective techniques casinos use to ensure the entire experience is a game. From the minute you sign up at any online casino, you will be welcome with big bonuses and a one-way ticket to their VIP zone. The aim behind these loyalty systems is to play as much as possible to ensure that you reach that top VIP ranking. It’s a long road but the rewards are mostly worth it. 

Loyalty points also have the added benefit of promising future cash rewards. At most online casinos, you aim is to collect as many loyalty points as possible to not just make your way up the gaming ladder but to also get you closer to converting your points back to cash. It provides a kind of assurance that even if you spent money at the casino, you’ll still get some back whether you win or not.

Climb the Leaderboard and Complete Missions

Another big hit in the industry at the moment is competitions where you get to climb the leaderboard for a chance to win big rewards. These promotions include financial rewards such as cash prizes, TVs, cellphones, laptops and other expensive gadgets that your budget keeps you from splurging on. 

With the wagering requirements generally being so low it makes it easier to just spend your money and time at the casino. There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching your name slowly make its way to the top of the leaderboard. Casinos also host in-house mini competitions where you have to complete adventures, missions and goals to ensure that you get an additional reward or something special such as a mystery prize. 

With these types of gamification features, players are lured and kept in place through the thrill of the chase. It’s simple yet effective.