Free online slots for geeksNot too long ago geeks were depicted as spotty teenagers that wore glasses and spent all day in their bedrooms reading comic books. Now geeks are said to rule the world, especially on the internet.

Basically, geek is cool, or at the very least, accepted. Whether you’re a video gamer who sets off into magical worlds via your console or PC, or you enjoy board games, or perhaps you still love comic books and the worlds they create – Geeks are those who love something so much, they can’t help but share it with others who think the same way.

Comic books and movies

Geeks who love Marvel and superheroes in general have been treated to many awesome and mind-blowing movies in recent years.

The latest release, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2,
has blown up at the box office and we couldn’t be happier.

For those of us who enjoy spinning the reels of a well-designed slot, there are many fantastic casino games that tick all the right boxes on our geeky checklist. While there’s no word just yet as to whether or not we’ll see a Guardians of the Galaxy slot (we can only hope!), there are still many other fun slots to enjoy.

Here are 8 online slots chosen specifically for the geeks. Play them for free at The SpinRoom!

Free slots for geeks

  • Warlords: Crystals of Power by NetEnt – Take on the world in an epic adventure slot where powerful and magical warlords fill the reels. Discover the power of the three crystals and take home big wins while experience exciting gameplay. Watch as the warlords clash and fight for power during the free spins games and be rewarded with their mighty weapons.
  • Lost Vegas by Microgaming – For the geeks who can’t get enough of zombies, Lost Vegas is the perfect slot. Will you side with the zombies as they drag themselves through a post-apocalyptic Los Vegas or will choose to help the humans? The choice is yours! Each game mode has its own unique symbols and special features. Fight or survive – Either way, you’ll be a winner.
  • Game of Thrones by Microgaming – Based on the world-renowned novels by GRR Martin and the brilliant television series by the same name, Game of Thrones has become an integral part of geek culture. Dragons, war, the undead, and bravery are all part of the action. If you want to cash in on free spins, you’ll need to choose which house you serve. Will it be House Baratheon, House Lannister, House Stark, or House Targaryen? Each house has its own set of free spins and special features, so be sure to choose wisely.
  • Max Damage by Microgaming – The sky is no longer the limit thanks to this fun and quirky cartoon slot. Max Damage is blasting off and you can join him as he battles aliens far above Earth. While there’s no payline structure, there are still 243 ways to win while spinning the reels of this entertaining slot. Trigger the free spins round and you’ll have your winnings doubled!
  • The Dark Knight Rises by Microgaming – A DC Comics classic, this fun slot is based on the 2012 Warner Bros movie featuring all of your favourite characters. You’ll spot Bane, Cat Woman, Commissioner Gordon, and Batman among the symbols on the reels. The main battle on the reels of this slot is between Batman and Bane which is why you can trigger a free spins game for either of these characters. Each bonus game will have a special feature on offer.
  • Jurassic Park by Microgaming – Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? If you’re a Jurassic Park geek, you’ll love this 243 paylines slot based on the original 1993 film. Movie characters and fierce dinos appear on the reels and symbols which will roar, fight, and bite their way to big wins! There are many bonus games ready to play including T-rex Alert Mode and a special free spins mode for each major dinosaur.
  • Dracula by NetEnt – Vampires are always a winner and who could be better than the original Dracula character who yearns to be reunited with his human love? The reels of this 40 payline slot are dark, moody, and filled with batty ways to win. Look out for the many bonus features including the random Bat Feature and the free spins rounds that finally sees Dracula join his beautiful Lady.
  • Hellboy by Microgaming – Experience classic comic book graphics with a modern slot twist on the reels of the Hellboy slot. The red devil and his many companions appear on the reels of this dark slot while you aim to win big. Bonus features include not-to-be-missed experiences such as the Underworld bonus, Supermode, and the Gamble feature. You could walk away a big winner thanks to the massive 10,000x jackpot!

These are just a few of the geeky slots you’ll want to play at The SpinRoom. Visit today and take your pick of the great slots on offer – No account, registration, or payment required.

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