Online slot featuresAs online casinos grow and flourish from year to year, online slots remain at the top of the most popular casino games chosen by punters.

For those just starting out in the online casino industry, online slots may be filled with options and features that could seem overwhelming or confusing.

We're going to take a closer look at the basic features of most online slots. Keep reading if you'd like to know a little more about how online slots really work.

Online Slots Features

Every online slot is different with many different themes, bonus rounds, and functions. For each bonus feature, symbol value, or theme, you'll need to experience the slot for yourself.

Most online slots come equipped with high value symbols, low value symbols, Wild, Stacked, and Bonus symbols, as well as bonus features. Whether it be free spins, cash bonuses, or multipliers, slots are equipped with great ways to make you a big winner!

While all slots have unique ways of providing wins, the basic mechanics stay the same.

  • Paylines - Different slots offer many different paylines. In order for online slots to reward players, winning combinations must land on a payline to be successful. The more combinations you land on as many paylines as possible, the bigger your wins will be. You may find a slot with as few as 3 or as many as 243 ways to win. Some slots feature fixed paylines, but there are those that allow players to choose how many paylines they want to engage while spinning. The more paylines in play, the more your bet will cost you.
  • Coin and Bets - Choose exactly how much you'd like to bet with each spin of the reels by adjusting the coin value. Use the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease your bet. Certain online slots may allow you to adjust the value of your coin bet. The higher the coin value, the more your wins will be worth.
  • Autoplay - If you're not interested in manually spinning the reels of your favourite online slot, simply select Autoplay and the game will take over. You can choose how many times you'd like the game to automatically play itself and when you'd like for it to pause. If you want the slot to stop auto playing whenever a big win is landed or the bonus game begins, simply select the correct option and start spinning.
  • Max Bet - Ready to play like a high roller? Hit the Max Bet button and you'll automatically start spinning for the maximum allowed bet. This option will not affect the coin value, but merely the coin bet.
  • Paytable - If you'd like to learn more about the value of the high and low symbols, the game rules, or how the bonus features work, the Paytable is for you. Learn more about the internal workings of the slot you've chosen by clicking the Paytable or Information button.
  • Settings - The settings available for each slot will differ, but you may find options for changing the quality of the slot, muting the sounds, or choosing whether or not you're able to play using the Spacebar. It's always worth taking a look at what your favourite slot has available in the setting options. If you're running on a slower internet connection, it may be worth lowering the slot's quality.
  • Spin - The most important button of them all, click the Spin button (which can appear in many different forms) and you'll start playing and winning!

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