In a world where emojis are used as a form of communication by millions of people every day, we all have our favourites. Now you can experience a whole new world of emojis thanks to the first official Emojiplanet slot by NetEnt coming this August!

"The trailer for this new slot has been released by NetEnt
and looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!"

NetEnt has teamed up with Global Merchandising Services & The emoji Company to create a true NetEnt slot that captures the excitement of the theme and still makes winning big a possibility.

Mobile friendly

The Emojiplanet slot is being designed to bring a new experience primarily to mobile casino users as this is where most of us experience emojis on a daily basis. Whether tweeting or texting, emojis are everywhere and they make communication light-hearted and easy. 

The release of Emojiplanet will take place shortly after the release of The Emoji Movie in Q3 of 2017. 

"As a leader in both mobile online gaming and innovation, Emojis is a perfect fit with NetEnt. Every day, millions – if not billions – of people around the world enjoy using Emojis," said Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt.

"They have become a language in their own right; it is hard to think of a more collectively familiar and loved brand to partner up with."