Doodle Jump – Coming soon to a casino near you!

Published on July 28, 2017 in Industry News

Doodle Jump Casino GameDoodle Jump is a mobile game played by millions of people around the world. The simple and fun creation by Lima Sky sees you jump, dodge aliens, and jetpack your way to earning the highest score.

Currently available on Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, and Nintendo, Doodle Jump is getting a rewarding new look.

Gamblit Gaming, a casino software creator based in Los Angeles, has collaborated with Lima Sky to “gamblify” the mobile hit! Soon you’ll be able to jump your way to big wins on your favourite casino floor with a game you already know and love.

Chief Marketing Officer at Gamblit Gaming, Dario Lowenstein, commented on their new creation: “It’s imperative to us as a company that we not only retain the magic of why the game built up so many fans, but also ensure it’s a game everyone is proud of. The gamblification is basically a layer added on top of the original game – not a brand slap.”

Exciting new release

Set to make its debut in 2018, this is one casino game that mobile gamers will not want to miss! The game will be released on Gamblit’s TriStation machines and G-Sports platforms, so be sure to keep any eye out for them in the near future.

“When a game has as many downloads as Doodle Jump – more than 250 million – and has been in everything from phones to arcades, it’s safe to say that it appeals to everyone,” said Lowenstein. “Doodle Jump’s massive fan base will love to play and win money on this classic hit in a casino, and we are very proud to partner with Lima Sky.”

The gamblify effect

Doodle Jump is not the first mobile game to receive the gamblify treatment by Gamblit Gaming. Another mega hit by Halfbrick Studios, Jetpack Joyride, sees Barry Steakfries fly towards the big bucks in his own casino creation.

The ability to take a well-known mobile game with millions of fans and turn it into something profitable seems to be what Gamblit Gaming does best. We can only hope to see more of these games in the future and we’ll also be holding thumbs that they get an online release too!

Will you be taking Doodle Jump for a spin once it lands at your favourite casino? Why not try your hand at free online slots while you wait!