Do online casino players want more exciting gambling experiences?

Published on May 29, 2017 in Industry News

Online casinos and virtual realityTechnology in the online casino market is always changing, updating, and evolving to suit new players. 

In comparison to the original one-armed bandits found on land-based casino floors, the slots found at top online casinos and mobile devices are worlds apart. It’s because of this innovation that new players are always being drawn to online casinos.

At a recent conference in Atlantic City, the best names in the industry revealed that they predict this trend will only continue. In order for younger and potential customers from around the world to be drawn to the online casino industry, more interactive and exciting experiences need to be created.

Industry shift

But what does this mean? A huge shift in the industry is already starting to take place as software providers aim to create games that incorporate new technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

No longer are mobile casino games enough to please punters. Players are searching for ways to become completely immersed in the online casino experience. It’s no longer enough for players to enjoy the brilliant online slots available while on the go or from the comfort of their homes – A deeper and more realistic, hands-on experience is required. All without stepping foot in an actual land-based casino of course!

The integration of eSports into online casinos is also becoming a reality. More than just a video game, younger generations are using these platforms as new ways to make money! The skill and time that goes into mastering these games are the perfect way to interact with the games they love while also betting on the winner.

"Young people now consider video games a sport," said Seth Schorr, chairman of the Downtown Grand casino in Las Vegas about eSports. "It's shocking; it took me a long time to get my head around that. I think all casinos, 10 years from now, will evolve and offer some sort of interactive experience."

New experiences

As Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality quickly becomes a part of our daily lives in the form of mobile games and portable VR machines, software providers are searching for new avenues.

While it’s still exciting to spin the reels of your favourite slot in a VR setting, new ways of playing are being explored too. Online casino TV games, eSports integration, and the ability to play slots on out-of-the-ordinary tech such as smartwatches are just a few ways that new players are being drawn in.

While new technology and experiences are great, one thing that’s for sure is that online slots will always be king! 

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