Could video games soon be coming to a casino near you?

Published on March 29, 2017 in Industry News

Video games at land-based casinosWe all know that online casinos are growing in leaps and bounds, creating an easy and fun gambling experience that can be enjoyed at home or on the go.

At the onset of the online casino industry, many believed that land-based casinos would suffer, but instead, something much more exciting has taken place. A large number of land-based casinos are seeing more customers through the doors than ever before!

This may seem like a strange occurrence, but online casinos have prompted punters to want to experience ‘the real deal’ too.

However, this does mean that a new sort of player is visiting land-based casinos, namely The Millennials.

New Gaming Experience

Millennials receive a lot of blame for the negative things taking place around the world, but in reality, millennials are simply living in a different time. 

Online casinos are already adjusting to what technology-loving users want by introducing more Live Casinos and virtual reality gameplay. As land-based casinos aim to draw even more young adults, a new wave of skill-based video casino games has been introduced.

At the end of 2016, the first skill-based video games were developed and introduced at top land-based casinos by GameCo. These video game gambling machines (or VGMs) draw inspiration from classic arcade games, video games, and mobile games but with the opportunity to win cash prizes.

In order to push the buttons of geeky young players, these VGMs feature gameplay from popular mobile games such as Candy Crush while using themes that may be found in classic arcade games. Titles currently available at Bally’s, Harrah’s, Caesars, and Tropicana in Atlantic City are Pharaoh’s Secret Temple and Nothin’ But Net.

More and more game developers are looking for a slice of this new pie and even companies such as Konami are taking notice. The game creator behind hits such as PES2017 and Metal Gear Solid has recently released a gambling version of their arcade classic, Frogger.

Big winner?

While the casino games may take a little more getting used to than those that punters already enjoy on a daily basis, the chance to win real cash prizes is a possibility. Another skill-based game already available, Danger Arena, boasts a jackpot prize of $5000 showing that there is some winning potential to be had.

Whether or not these VGMs will be a fad that fizzles out or becomes a huge hit, we’ll have to simply wait and see.