Desert Nights casino big winnerIf you're wanting to strike it lucky and land the big wins, it seems that Desert Nights Casino is the place to be spinning. Lucky punter and big winner April W hit the jackpot not once, but twice while playing at Desert Nights Casino!

US player April W was lucky enough to turn her $3 bet into a whopping $12,106.45 while playing Major Moolah. April didn't cash in and start planning how to use her winnings just yet because she decided to take her chances while playing One Million Reels BC and landed another huge jackpot win of $39,530.84!

Major Moolah and One Million Reels BC are known to be extremely popular progressive slots, which makes it even more astounding that both jackpots were hit by the same player. The reels made April W $51,637.29 richer and she is no doubt ecstatic. It doesn't get much better than that!