Published on March 16, 2015 BetVictor Casino

It’s easy for customers to place companies in a particular box when expecting services from them. Online sports betting and top live casino, BetVictor, owned by businessman and bookmaker Michael Tabor, is aiming at changing the way their customers think of them with a new trio of TV ads.

The ads launched a week before The Cheltenham Festival (which runs from the 10th to the 13th of March) and feature the long time BetVictor mascot, Maurice. Created by advertising agency, VCCP, the first commercial aired on the 2nd of March 2015.

Maurice, played by British comedian and actor Paul Kaye, has appeared in many BetVictor commercials and has proved to be extremely popular with viewers. The aim of these new TV spots are to highlight the other services offered by BetVictor - namely their non-football services such as horse racing, tennis and cricket betting.

The first ad is 30 seconds long and features Maurice answering numerous general knowledge questions about horse racing in a way that will not only educate viewers but have them laughing too. At the end of the commercial, Maurice concludes that BetVictor is the best place for horse-race betting and gambling.

The ads also highlight either BetVictor's £25 welcome bonus or their latest player promotion. 

“Our Maurice character has quickly become one of the most instantly recognizable advert stars on TV today and Maurice in the ‘hot seat’ provides us with a platform to communicate to the wider betting audience, across the many sports set to dominate the British spring and summer.” said Chief Marketing Officer at BetVictor, Anton Bell.

The Vice Chairman at VCCP, Julian Douglas added, “The latest series of Maurice ads work as a suite promoting BetVictor’s non-football offering. We’re pleased to be able to cover different business priorities for BetVictor while keeping the humour and tone of the brand.”