Betsafe casino riddle promoPrepare your mind for the onslaught of boggling riddles that are about to be tossed in your direction. If you want to be the ultimate winner, you’ll have to think fast, concentrate, and beat The Riddler at his own game.

Each Tuesday, from the 17th of May to the 5th of June 2016, you’ll need to put on your thinking cap and solve the riddles before you. If you think you have what it takes, big prizes will be yours!

Prizes up for grabs

Are you smart enough to beat The Riddler and correctly answer all of his tricky questions? If you are, 110 Free Spins, 50 Big Spins, and 30 Super Spins could be yours. Plus, you’ll also receive a free £5 Sports Bet. You’ll need to answer all of the questions correctly by Sunday to qualify!

How to play

Follow these simple steps to start playing at Betsafe Casino:

1. Sign up for a Betsafe Casino account and opt in to the beat The Riddler.

2. Make a minimum wager of at least £50 on any casino slot to receive your first Reward Riddle.

3. Follow your gut and make a guess, open the first Mystery Game to receive 30 Free Spins!

4. Make the most of your Free Spins and once you’ve done so, you’ll receive a Task Riddle.

5. Guess correctly and open the second Mystery Game. You’ll have to complete the qualifying wagering requirement to receive another Reward Riddle.

6. Once you’ve guessed and opened the game, you’ll receive more Free Spins.

7. Keep repeating the steps above and you’ll soon have a pile of Free, Big, and Super Spins to spend!

Are you ready to take on The Riddler? Do your best at Betsafe Casino.