Published on January 29, 2015 in Industry News

Friday, January 23rd saw The Senet Group - a responsible gambling group founded by Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral and Paddy Power – air their first ‘think before you gamble’ advert on British television.

The quirky and very memorable advert felt like it had been produced by the makers of Paddy Powers own tongue-in-cheek ads.

It opens with a strung out punter just about to use his last few quid when the opening strains of the legendary ‘Black Betty’ rock anthem strikes up.

The main thrust of the advert is the use of the line ‘Bad Betty’ (rather than ‘Black Betty’) as a reference to that moment where you stop gambling with your head and are about to spend more than you should chasing a jackpot… making it a ‘Bad Bet(ty)’. 

The final words you hear is a narrator reminding you that “If you’re betting more than you can afford, it’s a bad betty. So pause for a moment and think again.”

The advert is funny and will definitely strike a chord with a wide range of gamblers, both online and in the betting shops and local casinos.

Best of all you don’t walk away from it feeling like your mum has just given you a ‘good talking to’. After all, you’ve just seen a tattoo of a sailor girl singing ‘Bad Betty’, it’s not easy to get angry with that.

The vision of The Senet Group to be impactful in the area of safe gambling while not coming off as “being too preachy or telling people what to do” is off to a good start. If they keep producing quality catchy adverts like ‘Bad Betty’ we’d bet on their success.