Are smartwatch slots the future of online gambling?

Published on April 11, 2017 in Industry News

Smartwatch slots and the future of mobile gamblingOur mobile phones reveal a lot about who we are. The small slabs of technology we carry with us wherever we go may have started out as a mobile means of phoning our loved ones, but they now rule our days and nights.

Banking, work emails, texting, photography, snapping short videos, sharing our days on social media, and even online gambling is all achieved from the palms of our hands.

It seems crazy to consider that the mobile phone only really rose to fame approximately 20 years ago!

In a few short years, mobile phones changed from being the work of sci-fi movies to an ever-present companion in our lives. Children, grandparents, and even those who have a basic grasp of technology make use of a mobile phone in some way or another on a daily basis.

Mobile casinos

As mobile phones turned into useful pieces of technology, they evolved into something more than just a means of communication. Phones and tablets turned into a new way of accessing our favourite pastimes, including online gambling. 

Mobile casino games were soon adapted and tweaked to allow for perfect gameplay on a smaller scale. The games proved to be perfectly adaptable and mobiles casinos are now flourishing. 

It’s no surprise that most online casinos are now offering a mobile version of their sites, either via downloadable app or HTML 5 browser sites. You can even read reviews on our top 10 mobile casinos for 2017 and take your pick of the best in the business.

The evolution of mobile

Thanks to mobile companies pushing for newer and more exciting forms of mobile entertainment, the face of how we gamble is once again changing. 

Virtual reality headsets that house mobile phones, augmented reality applications, and even smartwatches are a new way to gamble whenever and wherever you please.

Certain casino software studios are developing popular online slots such as Gonzo’s Quest for the VR space, while others are focusing on offering land-based casinos AR games. Smartwatches have been introduced to the online casino space, and while it may seem crazy to play on a piece of technology that small, it could just be an exciting new opportunity.

Smartwatches and mobile casino games

In an attempt to make wearable technology something more than just a quick way to see who has sent you a text or to keep track of your exercise, casino software providers are changing slots and how you play them.

Microgaming was the first to embrace the technology and adapted two of their most popular slots, Thunderstruck 2 and Dark Knight Rises, for the small screen. It may seem unnecessary to spin the reels of a mobile slot via a tiny smartwatch screen, when larger devices such as phones and tablets do the job so well.

The truth is, if users have the ability to do something (such as play via a smartwatch), then they want to experience it for themselves. In a world where our technology drives and controls our daily lives, wearables, such as smartwatches by both Apple and Android, have the chance to morph online gambling into an entirely new experience.

Smartwatch slots

Thanks to the smart developers over at Microgaming and other casino software providers, smartwatch slots have been adapted to function in the best way possible.

For the most part, smartwatch slots rely heavily on swiping. Swipe to the right to access betting options or game options. Swipe back to spin the reels. While it may be on a smaller screen, the functionality is simplified, but without losing its winning abilities.

Due to the limited space on the screen, smartwatch slots and casinos are not able to offer depositing or withdrawal options. It’s always best to use these functions via a phone, tablet, or desktop to have full control of what matters most – your cash.

For users who haven’t experienced a smartwatch in any form, it may seem odd to consider playing in this fashion, but there are a number of positive reasons to do.

  • Multitasking made easy – There’s no need to fret about your phone getting in the way while you fold the laundry or do a bit of lazy shopping. Gamble on the go from your wrist with ease.
  • Easy on the eye – Smartwatches are designed to be sleek, smart, and non-intrusive. Playing your favourite casino game in this manner allows you keep winning without making a fuss about what you’re doing.
  • Truly mobile – It doesn’t get more mobile than a fully-functioning smartwatch, with just about all of the capabilities of your phone, strapped to your wrist. The ease and convenience this gameplay offers can’t be paralleled. 
  • It’s fun – Simply having the ability to play top mobile casino games from your smartwatch can be enough reason to do so. It may be new and somewhat gimmicky, but it’s fun and that’s really the point, right?

The future of smartwatches

While the smartwatch industry grows year on year, it hasn’t taken off as swiftly as the mobile industry did. Not yet, anyway. Many mobile users still consider a smartwatch an unnecessary expense and wouldn’t consider purchasing one. Trends predict that this may change, but until it does, playing at your favourite mobile casino on the go still leaves mobile phones as the number one choice.