A large number of Premier League teams are sponsored by online casinos

Published on December 20, 2017 in Industry News

Premier League and online casinosFootball, religion, and politics are three subjects that many people around the world readily have an opinion on. Love it or hate it, football is the most popular sport in the world.

Around the world on a daily basis, millions of fans are either watching, discussing, or obsessing about their preferred team. They may also be dreaming and hoping to see their team at the top of the Premier League, the most-watched league every year.

Running for the largest part of a year, each team in the Premier League can earn millions of pounds for simply being featured as one of the top teams. Due to the sheer volume of people that enjoy these games every year, advertising and sponsorships are a hot commodity.

Online casinos and the Premier League

Companies are willing to shell out millions of pounds to be featured and emblazoned on the chests of soccer players that feature in the Premier League. As is to be expected, this feature is in no way free, but can bring in a massive amount of cash for these teams every season.

Car dealerships such as Chevrolet, clothing brands, and even online casinos are all wanting a piece of the advertising pie, but it costs a pretty penny.

In fact, the largest current sponsor deal in the Premier League is between Chevrolet and Manchester United for a whopping £47 million! That mind-blowing sum is only the start of a big push to make even more money thanks to advertising on football shirts, banners, TV commercials, and more.

The prime spot for any company to attain is on the front of a footballer's shirt. Due to the large number of fans that obsess over these players, the huge amount of TV time they receive, and the constant flow of new merchandise on the market, any advertiser or sponsor is bound to get their money's worth.

In an interesting twist in Premier League history, the 2017/2018 season will now also see advertising being added to the sleeves of the sought-after shirts.

Sponsorship Facts

While it may seem unlikely, almost 50% of the current Premier League teams have a sponsorship deal with a sports betting site or online casino. That means your favourite player may be advertising your favourite online casino in the not-too distant future.

The current companies sponsoring football teams include the following:

  • Bournemouth - Sponsored by M88
  • Burnley - Sponsored by Dafabet
  • Crystal Palace - Sponsored by ManBetx
  • Everton - Sponsored by SportPesa
  • Huddersfield - Sponsored by Ope Sports
  • Newcastle - Sponsored by Fun88
  • Stoke - Sponsored by Bet365
  • West Ham - Sponsored by BetWay

These sponsors include having the largest placement on the chest of the players on the field, as well as many other choice spots. As you can imagine, large sums of cash changes hands every season for this prestigious bit of advertising and it seems to be money well spent.

While the current rate of sponsorship from betting sites and online casinos may only 50%, there's a very good chance of that number being on the rise in upcoming years.